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I have a new passion! The Jade egg! I have always been familiar with the jade egg and have tried the ben wa balls, but now am convinced that the jade egg is a far more superior tool for sexual health, joy and bliss.

I just received my rose quartz yoni egg from TantraNova yesterday! I am so excited! The ‘jade egg’ is a small, semi-precious stone that is inserted into the vagina and then held there by a woman’s vaginal muscles. It also increases the effectiveness of keigel exercises.

According to The Universal Tao site, “The secret of this practice remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines. Many who mastered the technique experienced very good health, remaining young and bountiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried lady. Some believe that the queen and concubines practiced the technique in order to please the king while making love.” Read more…

The main intention of the jade egg is to increase the control and elasticity of the vaginal muscles which also increases blood flow and sensitivity to a woman’s yoni. Additional benefits include an increase in self-connectedness, sexual energy and overall sexual health. I have not tried it yet, but will update you once I have more personal experience with this ancient tool for sexual health.

ps: my ‘jade egg’ is made from rose quartz, which I love because I mentally connect rose quartz with the power of increasing heart energy…enhancing one’s connection between heart and sexual energy is incredibly powerful!

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  1. jeffstroud says:

    Hmm? Look forward to reading of your experience ! I was trying to find bootcamp stuff found this instead!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, I am working on something a little more complex for bootcamp…should be up tomorrow! I haven’t tried the egg yet…seem to be hesitating:-)

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