Trust Has No Price Tag…

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I have been contemplating the dance between clients and practitioners this morning…in all relationships, especially professional ones, there are different needs and boundaries that can cause stress or even…in the worst case scenario, negative or shameful feelings.

A new client of mine recently felt shameful because I covered his mid-section with a sarong…At first I felt really awful that I had caused the very feelings that I try to help my clients overcome… However, as I processed the issue, I realized that, my trust and my boundaries cannot be forced into the box that a client feels they should fit.

For me, guiding an individual through the deepest aspects of their sensual self, whether through verbal guidance or sacred touch takes a certain level of connection, trust and knowing that, no matter how intense the energy is, my boundaries will be honoured. This is not always developed in one session. I have definitely had first time sessions where there is an innate comfort level immediately, but I will not falsify my feelings to appease another individual’s needs.

For me…I must be transparent. That means that, if I feel pressured to dive in with both feet first, eyes closed in a trance like state where boundaries don’t exist…I respond with loving connection, positive and radiant energy, but maintain the boundaries that honour me as an individual, a woman and a practitioner…just my thoughts!

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