Another goddess photo shoot!

glamour shots
Image by way opening via Flickr

Wow! Today was such an amazing experience! Alonso, a local photographer, my lover and I took a jaunt down to our private ocean beach and took a tonne of photos! I was amazed at how much more relaxed and open I was with Mountain there encouraging me….I felt my sexual energy rise and my soul open to the experience! For the ladies out there…if you have never had a photo shoot focused solely on you…I highly recommend it! I will not be posting all of the photos…some are for my lover’s and my eyes only (get your head out of the gutter..nothing too revealing, just personal) but I will post a few once Alonso sends them to me! Sweet dreams beautiful people…From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. jeffstroud says:

    What a wonderful Idea! I am glad you felt safe and secure with yourself and the photographer. I think if both of those intuitions where not in place the session would not have be as comfortable!
    The fact that Mountain was there with you was another intuitive experience of healing and healthy sexual behavior from both of you!

    Well done, I look forward to seeing some of your photographs.

    (Psss!) Can it promote myself here! I am a photographer and very will to photograph Goddess as well as Gods, in nature and as natural as they wish to be!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, it was truly empowering…he took one full nude photo walking on a log on the beach…I have never been photgraphed nude, thought I’d be nervous, but nudity is such a natural state for me that I was in my element! Having Mountain there was a must! We are having a couple session in a few days!!!!! I am really excited about it!

      Sure, plug away…wish I was closer (can’t remember where you live, but pretty sure further than would facilitate a shoot) I would love to do a photo session with you!!!

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