Continually Adrift With the Wind

Kama Sutra Illustration
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I have a dream…I dream of a sacred space where couples can get away from it all. Where they can rest their weary heads and pleasure their thirsty bodies. Quenching their thirst for passion, desire, and deeper connection with the calm thrill of Tantric sex. Where one can explore internally and externally what it means to make love with oneself and one’s partner.

I picture a desert oasis with citrus fruits growing, small love-making huts where lovers can slink away to enchant one another through the night. Where you will be served the most divine foods and beverages and learn the art of Tantra…With this vision in site, I am preparing to embark on a journey. A journey of mind, body, and soul…I am ready to manifest…ready to find a piece of paradise to share with you…with the lovers..”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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