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Mountain and I were discussing the secret to a blissful yoni massage. He said he has been contemplating what the most important tip to a good yoni massage is. I was very interested to hear his perspective. Mountain [my husband and lover] said that, he thinks the mistake a lot of givers make while giving a yoni massage is to attempt to have pleasure as their goal — either for themselves or for their Shakti…I found his perception intriguing.

He is so right…if the giver is providing a yoni massage and allows themselves to give in to self pleasure, they tend to lose track of how the woman is feeling. If the giver’s sexual energy rises beyond a certain level, there is a tendency to apply too much pressure, or not enough; the point being that the focus is supposed to be on giving rather than receiving.

As for the receiver of the yoni massage…if the giver is putting a lot of focus on pleasuring Shakti, the movements become more focused on the physical aspect of her being rather than the emotional and spiritual connection between giver and receiver. The core intention of a yoni massage is just that–to connect emotionally and spiritually with Shakti, thus facilitating a gentle awakening of her sensual energy.

When the intention is clear–to gently awaken Shakti’s sexual energy through delicate yet powerful sensual touch and massage–the process flows naturally. For me, the entire first phase of a yoni massage is about letting go of stress and tension held in my mind, body, and spirit rather than experiencing an orgasm or intense pleasure. As I begin to let go, I turn my focus inwards and give myself permission to receive pleasure…

Once my energy rises up through my body, I often feel myself craving sexual pleasure…I then am open to and a have deep desire for connection…generally sexual connection with my lover…So the secret to giving a good yoni massage is to be present, focus on Shakti and respond to her needs as they unfold and her sexual or life force energy awakens.

If you have any questions that you think might assist you in giving or receiving a yoni massage–please fill out the Just Ask Joy  form….from my heart to yours, Joy

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