Shark encounter under a full moon…

Image by Fordan via Flickr

So last night, while walking along the ocean under the light of a harvest moon, my daughter spotted this intense feeding frenzy going on by the shore line. We couldn’t identify the predator, but thought they looked a lot like some sort of shark fish. Before I could say anything, my 15-year-old daughter thrust her hand into the water and pulled one of the largest predatory fish out of the water!

She proceeded to screech and throw the “fish” when she realized what she had in her hands was not a fish, rather a shark!!! It was flopping about on the shore, gasping for breath. Sharks just happen to be the one thing I am truly terrified of, but in that moment, all I felt was deep compassion for this now helpless creature.

I reached down to pick it up by the tail and put it back in the water, which is when it lunged towards my ankle in an attempt to bite me I suppose. The power I felt in my hand as it thrust forward was incredibly intense. My son-in-law grabbed the middle of the shark and assisted me in putting the poor creature back in the water. Luckily none of us were stung by it’s toxic barb.

After we got home, we read all about the spiny dog shark and learned that dog sharks do have a toxic barb, but are only aggressive when they feel threatened. It does, however, make me re-think the whole night-time skinny dipping thing I like to do….amazing the cycles that go on in our world! That’s all she wrote…

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  1. Farhana Goga says:

    Glad you and your family are ok!

    Nature is so beautiful, so intense, and so mysterious.

    Yes, be careful where you go skinny dipping!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Intense and mysterious are excellent words to describe nature!

  2. P.K. says:

    Yes, definitely rethink your skinny dipping in the unknown waters, Joy. At least one should have some clothing between the teeth and ones’ butt:)

  3. jeffstroud says:

    My my! At least you were not alone out there… always an adventure!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Well, the crazy thing is that my daughter had originally gone ahead to catch up to her older sister, so when I found her, she had gotten side tracked by the shark feeding frenzy and was in the water up to her knees with dog sharks swimming all around her! Of course, at the time, we didn’t realize they were actual sharks! It was an adventure! I just emailed you the guy’s guide by the way!

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