Searching Internally Rather Than Externally

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Well, although I am a tad deflated…my trip to Tucson , or possibly permanently redirected! It is, however, for good cause…We are currently exploring a property here in Washington State for our retreat center! Although I was truly looking forward to potentially connecting with a community of like-minded folks just outside of Tucson, Arizona, we decided that it is too far for us to maintain a healthy balance.

Juggling my passion for healing, sexuality and Tantric education for couples with my day-to-day life can be quite complex. Spending long periods of time away from my children is not an option and taking an extended holiday would create too much of a break in routine. So, I am continuing to look closer to home for a location to host couple’s getaways and workshops…

Luckily I am not easily disappointed and I believe that, when one door closes, another opens! That’s all she wrote! From my heart to yours, Joy

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