She Who Cannot be Contained


ShaktiImage by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

Do not try to control me

My soul and spirit cannot be contained

Do not try to mold me

I am a shape shifter

Do not try to alter me

My true form is pure and beautiful

Do not try to leash me

I bite

Do not try to spank me

I hit back

Do not try to unravel me

Or I shall be forced to unravel you

Do love me unconditionally

For only then will I love you back

Do hold me gently

I will cherish you

Do make love to me

I shall bring you to your knees

Do beg me for more

Because I will give it to you

Do give in to me

For if you do, you will feel pleasure

pleasure rippling through your body…

pleasue penetrating your mind…

pleasure beyond words….

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  1. P.K, says:

    MMm, definitely enticing!

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