Joyous Meditation: Joy's Personal Experience


One of my female clients asked me to re-post this…she aparantly couldn’t find it when she searched for it…for those of you who have previously read it, maybe give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you…from my heart to yours, Joy

Joyous Meditation is one of the many tools I use for sexual healing and awakening. It is much more than simple masturbation. I enjoy beginning this most sensual and spiritual experience by bathing so that I feel fresh. While I am immersed in water, I take time to set my intention for my meditation. I may choose a healing intention, a spiritual intention, or even the intention to release stress held in my body through an intense orgasm. Intention example: I deeply and completely unconditionally love and accept myself as I am!

While bathing, I enjoy infusing the water with an organic Jasmine bath balm. The piping hot water and the gentle aroma of Jasmine makes me feel at one with my sexual energy. I sometimes use bath paints to adorn my body with my intention or a beautiful pattern while bathing and preparing for my joyous meditation. I focus on my breath, feeling it as it moves through my body, allowing my sexual energy to rise and fall with my breath, rippling through the fiber of my being.

As I sit in the lotus position wrapped in a warm blanket of water, I visualize my stress flowing from my body into the water. Sometimes I even sit in the bath and allow the tub to fully drain. I imagine that my negative energy is flowing down the drain, and transforming into the positive energy that will fill my body as I climax. As I step from the bath, I gently pat my womanly body with a fluffy towel, embodying the energy of Shaktara…I feel powerful, yet sensual, bold, yet shy, loud yet silent…I feel free. I am free!

I find a sunny space in front of my ocean view windows, drop my towel, emerge naked and place my yoga mat on the floor, cover it with my Goddess throw, and my meditation pillow. I may even do a few yoga poses before sitting, depending on my mood. I sit again either cross legged or in full lotus for a few moments, allowing the rejuvenating rays of sun to penetrate my body.

When it feels right for me, I shift my meditation pillow to the end of my yoga mat and lay down with my head resting gently on the pillow. I open my legs, fully exposing myself, then I take my massage oil and drip it onto my body, drop by meditative drop….I watch the oils flow across my body, as it glistens in the sun. I then massage oil into my hands and put some extra oil on the pointer and middle fingers of my right hand.

I first explore my yoni gently and with deep admiration for the power my body carries. As my sexual energy rises, my breath rises, as my sexual energy flows out of my body, my breath flows out of my body. I feel at one with my inner Goddess, I embody the divine feminine. I honour my body as a sacred temple that holds sexual knowledge and unlocks the erotic mysteries of the universe. While my sexual energy and arousal continue to intensify, I feel as if I am floating on a wave of deeply erotic energy.

I draw my hands along my body, exploring and embracing every aspect of my beautiful form…I acknowledge the gifts I have received….my mind knows how to let go, my mouth knows how to kiss, my throat gives me a voice, my heart knows how to love unconditionally, my breasts know how to both tempt and nourish, my lungs provide me with delicious breath, my womb knows how to hold life, my yoni transmits sexual knowledge and provides my lover and I with orgasmic bliss, my legs carry me on this glorious earth and allow me to dance, my feet keep me grounded, my spirit knows how to feel true inner joy, and Mother Earth provides life. These are the gifts I cherish most…

In the moments just before, during, and after my climax, as my orgasmic energy ripples through my body, I experience bliss, freedom, a sense of inner well being and I regain my faith in not only myself, but humanity as a whole.

Joyous Meditation

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