Guest Posting: Poem for Joy

Love Love Love
Image by Gregory Jordan via Flickr

My most incredible lover, life partner and best friend, Mountain, wrote this poem for me today and gave me permission to share…

As she turns to walk away

He sees it and stares in wonder

The spark and glimmer that is

Sometimes there

Glowing from the corner of her eye

Suddenly it pops with a satisfying crackle

And leaps through the air

A faint glowing trail

Tracing it’s path across the distance between them

It lands there in the corner

Of his own eye

Reminding him that he will never know her

And that he has always known her

It is full of her

Brimming with simplicity

Aching with complexity

As the ember fades

And cools

A second passes

And he is content

She loves him

written by Mountain Nelson…For my lover, Joy

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