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I recently met this chap, Blaze Morgan, who has his heart in a sling…because of a love long gone…Somehow, when I tell someone I’m an intimacy coach for couples, there is an instant connection that becomes possible…whereby that individual feels safe…safe enough to open and to share…to share a deep, sometimes dark aspect of their being…with me…

And so, this chap, Blaze Morgan, shared a piece of his soul with me…he sang Lily’s Heartbeat…impromptu…just sang it out loud while strumming on his acoustic guitar…it was beautiful and it meant something…to him and beyond him…so I asked him to send me the lyrics so that I could share a piece of Blaze’s heart and soul with you…through the art of his music…he was nervous, he does not often share his work, but he is brave, he would like your honest feedback and to hear any emotions his lyrics evoke in you….

If I receive enough comments and see that you’re interested in learning or hearing more, I will post Blaze’s recording of Lily’s Heartbeat so you too can hear him sing…sharing a piece of his soul, his body and his mind with you…


I couldn’t help but love you

I can’t help but feel you

I need you to hold  me

My Love you went away

And you’re confused right now

I want to hold you

When we’re together

Our hearts our souls are one

Our bodies blend

Come back and stay

Come back and stay

Come back and stay this time     

I taste your bandy on my lips

I love the way your, kisses drip on me…

Your sweet and pretty face

Brown eyes make my heart race

I need your embrace,… 

Your Pineapple glitter smile… 

I laugh like a child

I wanna dance for you

Come back and stay

Come back and stay

Come back and stay this time

Like a rooster in the morning

I’m ready for the day

When we can be together

My pain fades away

I feel her tiny heartbeat

With every breath we take;

I want to hold the life we initiate..

I want to watch my Lily bloom…. 

I feel her heart when you’re here too

Come back and stay

Come back and stay

Come back and stay this time

Angel stay, PLEASE stay

Come back and stay

Come back and stay this time…

Baby stay….

Live laugh and love

And make an Angel with me…

by Blaze Morgan

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  1. Hi Blaize,

    I commend you on your bravery to publish your song.
    Obviously, you are broken hearted over a breakup. Was it recent?
    I am just a bit confused about the lyrics and their reference.
    Could you please clarify for me.
    “My Love you went away
    And you’re confused right now”
    Who is confused and why? I’m not sure I “get that”

    1. Blaze says:

      Deborah, let me start by saying thank you for interest / intrigue.
      Not trying to be vague or difficult just that enough time has passed that I am sure I will mourn this “Amazing Beautiful Love” for the rest of my life, I never knew such a connection was possible, heart mind and soul until I had this encounter with my “once in a lifetime” I was sharing with Joy how hard it is to let go and move on because in a way all I have are memories and sorrow and though it hurts it somehow keeps me connected with her. It seems twisted but the pain helps confirm and validate that it all existed and is possible.

      She is confused because of guilt and shame,….. She had made some poor life choices and was trying to correct her past mistakes, then I came along and disrupted her path so to speak. She has a child and Motherhood is very important to her. Society, family and other influences made her feel horrible about being “true to herself” and sharing her life with anyone other than the Father, EVEN though she did not love him or feel “bonded” to him she needed peace for her child and was made to feel that her child would suffer and her pain was worth the sacrifice for her child’s sake.

      I regret not fighting for her, I felt to pressure her to stay would not be supportive; I was always available and supportive. You know the saying “if you love something etc” I have learned to hate that stupid saying and I don’t find it accurate as I was led to believe. Anyway, to elaborate a little further, she would still call just to hear my voice mail message, she would sometimes say hi and sometimes just hang up; she knew I knew she called because I would see it. I left messages just for her in the greeting, pretty silly huh? Well as it happened she would come to visit me for just a “taste of our love” an innocent hug,.. a sweet embrace, or a tear filled smile, a painful process for both of us always confirming and professing our love for each other. The visits started becoming farther apart … then she finally faded away until she never came back, I was always hoping she would have a change of heart and “come back and stay” so we could live laugh and love and have a child together,.. We mused about naming her Lily,…..

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    I’m not going to try and analyse the lyrics, the stuff I have listened to over the years (who could possibly explain Genesis’ “In your wardrobe”?) was often weird, so I will just say that these are poignant lyrics that are heartfelt by the performer and that they move me. I would love to hear the melody though….

    1. Blaze says:

      naturegirl1 ,.. the lyrics are poignant,.. Thank you for your interest!

      BTW “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” is a great song but I agree hard to follow,… other than dreamlike? Maybe?

      Hope you enjoy “Lily’s Hearbeat” I poured myself into the music, I am very pleased and humbled by the opportunity to share it. Thank you!

  3. Tantrachick says:

    I truly enjoyed being a part of this conversation…that, that’s why I love guest postings…it keeps the energy going and brings fresh insight to the sensual journey…Unfortunately, I can’t post Blaze’s music in the current format…we’re working on getting it to you so you can hear his original and heart felt musical expression…in community, Joy

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