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I apologize for not blogging as much recently. I have been going through a few gigantic changes….they are kind of personal (I know, I know, like my sex life isn’t:-) however, these changes involve the lives of others, so I won’t dig into the nitty gritty of it…My mantra…the one that is getting me through the major shifts in my life????

“I have the patience of Buddha

I have been feeling a little more low than usual and my energy has been down…so, I have decided to do another juice fast! I am preparing my body by beginning to intake fresh juices throughout the day and only eating light meals made from fresh/whole ingredients. I realize juice fasting is controversial…so I will clarify that I am not advocating juice fasting…I’m simply sharing my own experience…

For me, juice fasting feels incredible…I try to listen to my body as much as possible to ensure that I don’t over do it…so far I have only ever done a 5 day fast…this time I think I’m just going to do a 3 day…my favourite recipe is as follows:

10-15 carrots, 1 clove garlic, 1 piece of fresh ginger root (approx. the size of a garlic clove, 1 small bunch parsley, 2 stalks celery, and 2 kale leaves….I realize some people might think this sounds gross, but I love it!

I was first inspired to do a juice fast after reading ‘Back to Eden’ by Jethro Kloss…In his insightful book, Jethro discusses the health benefits of fasting and covers a variety of approaches to juice fasting. His intention is often to heal from serious illness, but there is plenty of scientific research backing the preventative benefits of juice fasting or total fasting.

Besides the health benefits of juice fasting, I love how energized I feel when I drink fresh juices. I am working on combining meditation, yoga, light fitness routines, a healthy dose of Tantric massage, yoni worhsipping and passionate love-making to my daily routine….I am considering completing another 30 day sex challenge with my lover; I’ll let you know when we begin!

I hope your own life is filled with passion, abundance and sensual beauty! From my heart to yours, Joy

ps: Orgasm….it does a body good! 😉

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  1. P.K. says:

    Hi Joy,

    Take care with your fasting! Gandhi found it very invigorating too for a cause.


    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hi Preetham,

      Yes, I will take care…I am very good at following my body’s signals…and responding…Yes, my step dad is the one who has also inspired me to fasting and he was inspired originally by Gandhi…I am also in the process of getting my yoga certification! Tantric yoga here I come!

      From my heart to yours, Joy

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