Processing Emotions Through Sexual Connection

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As I mentioned, I have been struggling with some emotions around changes in my life….I have been meditating, fasting and using movement to provide myself with opportunities to shut off my mind, cleanse my body and let go of any negativity in my mind, body and spirit…

Even while using all of the above mentioned strategies, I found myself still welling up with tears occasionally and feeling emotionally raw…My lover and I make love at least 3-6 times per week…only making love 3 times per week is not normal for us, but if life is busy and filled with distractions, it can happen to even us!

Last night, my lover, picking up on my need for deep connection and orgasmic bliss, pampered my body from head to toe, taking his time to engage all of my senses…I was having a hard time relaxing, so he pleasured me orally until I was able to achieve a state of deep relaxation before making love…the results were astounding!

It is amazing that, after all these years and with a house filled with 7 children and young adults, we continue to reach higher levels of ecstasy and bliss….Today, I feel grounded and emotionally strong. I am awaiting the arrival of my yoga books and study guide, which I am truly excited about! Oh, and I am also waiting for my Poi to arrive! It is spectacular how making love has the power to transform negativity and release us from muddling around in emotions…YES! YES! YES!

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    It’s those endorphins!…….

    1. Tantrachick says:

      To endorphins and beyond!

  2. Anita says:

    Hi Joy. What yoga books are you waiting for? I know within that it would be good for me to begin a yoga regime but it is very foreign to me. And what is a Poi?

    Thanks for the reply. Keep writing. I thoroughly enjoy peaking into your life.


    1. Tantrachick says:

      I just received my books and dvd yesterday… I got the Yogalosohpy dvd, which is the routine that Jennifer Aniston uses..I have been doing yoga since I was just a girl…my aunt, who unfortunatley killed herself awhile back, was a yoga teacher, physiotherapist and accupuncturist. So I grew up attending yoga retreats…I have decided to get my certification…I am learning Jennifer Aniston’s routine because her level of fitness and body sculpting inspires me..

      I also received Natlia Rose’s detox for women book…it is a 4 week detox program based on a sugar free whole foods diet…I read her book before, but never moved forward with following the detox program. That is the next step in my health development…As for poi, it’s better to see it…I will create a post with a couple poi videos…I created my own poi, but they were unbalanced, so I ordered some from the main Poi supplier in the UK…

      Thanks so much for your kind feedback and support! From my heart to yours, Joy

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