DaNCe With ME and IGnite My PassION

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.
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LAst night after picking up my lover from his job we headed to a tiny local pub for a glass of wine. We didn’t stay long, just enough for me to dance to a couple of songs..oh my…dance sends chills through my body….when I dance, my mind is completely clear….my emotions calm, yet charged and I feel the intensity and sensual beauty of life…

Usually my lover will not dance with me in public…it just isn’t his thing, he’s kind of a private man. However, the lust in my eyes and the movement of my hips charmed him into dancing with me…the way we moved made my entire body tingle from head to toe…I felt an intense connection different than the one we have while making love…..if you have the chance..hehe I suggest you get up and dance!

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  1. K N says:

    When Shakti dances, the existence dances with her….


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