Gallery of a Goddess: Endearment…


I have a woman to woman Tantric session scheduled with Endearment for tomorrow! A good friend of Endearment’s will be video taping the entire session…From the footage, we will then be creating a tantric training video!

I am very excited about this project…I thought you all might be interested in getting to know a bit more about Endearment……she has many incarnations and talents as an artist, architectural designer, performer, and sensual artist…. if you’d like to check out a couple of her artistic sites, which I encourage you to do, please click the links below:

But a picture truly says a thousand words…here’s a couple photos of Endearment…

Goddess Endearment
Goddess Endearment

 Hopefully I will have a few photos from the shoot to share with you tomorrow evening! From my heart to yours, Joy

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