Photo Shoot Shyness!


Well, today I had a photo shoot with a fantastic photographer, Kurt from Kurt’s Stolen Moments….It is so funny to me…photographers read what I write: brave, daring and deeply sensual random thoughts from the depths of my soul…One would think that being such a bold writer would mean that I am equally bold and sensual in front of the camera…not so much:-)

In fact, quite the opposite…I tend to be shy and mildly nervous…I don’t really enjoy posing…actually I kinda hate it…so pictures tend to come out with a f.u. look in my eyes:-) During today’s shoot, a number of thoughts were bouncing around in my mind…mainly – Damn it’s cold! I really dislike the cold, which is why I moved from Ontario to the West Coast, but December on Camano Island is a far cry from the warmth of summer…

The lazy day photo I posted recently with me literally relaxing by basking in the sun on a sun baked rock with a warm ocean breeze dancing across my body..that works for me. So, I have decided that winter shoots will be mainly taken in a studio setting! I hope I get at least a few nice shots from today, even with my frigid facial expressions. I will share any nice shots and you later today…

Thank you Kurt for being patient with me…I hope to take some shots in your warm studio! Also, having worked with you once and feeling 100% comfortable and safe going in to the shoot will help me relax and be myself a little more! From my heart to yours, with sincere gratitude, Joy

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  1. khorn98985 says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I think once we got you warmed up, figuratively reather than literally, we both know that wasn’t going to happen today, you did very well. I haven’t had a chance to take a look yet, but I’m almost positive we got our two or three good ones. Now that we have gotten part way past the pre-shoot jitters I think we can move on to a nice warm studio and get some really good shots. You are not alone in pre-shoot jitters. I am a nervous wreck every time I go out to shoot, even when I have worked with the person before. But I’m getting better at it. I’m looking forward to shoot number two and then three and who knows where we go. I am certainly glad I got the opportunity to work with you today. It was well worth the drive.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, I have to agree…thanks for being patient and professional! Even though I was guarded, I enjoyed the process and will feel so much more comfortable next time! In Creative Community, Joy

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