Joyous Grief…


In this photo: Kurt and I had just crossed my property line and entered the pioneer graveyard next to my home…My mind couldn’t help thinking of my baby sister Ivanna, who I believe I mentioned in an earlier post…She died when I was 7 and she was just a smiley little two-year old mini goddess…I have always felt the sadness from her loss, but never seen it first hand…Kurt asked me briefly about her death just before he captured this ‘stolen moment’…

It seems that, no matter how hard I try, the one emotion I have not been able to transform in my life is sadness around the loss of my little sis…I understand that her spirit is likely living a new life and that she is possibly even a part of my soul circle at this very moment, but the memory of her suffering, my mother’s suffering and the inevitable damage to the foundation of my family…stays trapped somewhere in me….for those of you who have experienced loss in your life….my heart goes out to you…may you be happy…may we be happy….Shungo, Joy

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  1. jeffstroud says:

    Beautifully captured!

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