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I have yet another photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow! Although I have not yet had the honour of working with Bob, I was so impressed with not only the images he captures, but with his expression and perception of ‘sensual photography’ that I asked him to write a guest posting to share with you…I also look forward to sharing a few moments in time with you after the shoot!

This is what Bob shared:

I met Joy by chance as I was checking messages within a modeling web site we both belong to.  While browsing through the profiles of people recently online (something I do in hopes that something compelling catches my attention), I happened upon Joy’s profile.  Without reading about her, I stepped into her portfolio and was immediately stopped.  Not by a firewall, not by a computer virus, but rather by her eyes.  You see, I am a firm believer that the eyes make or break a compelling image and Joy had those compelling eyes.  I reached out to Joy asking if she would consider shooting with me to try capturing what was surely inside her.   As we have led ourselves to this shoot, Joy has asked that I jot down some thoughts as to how I approach sensual photography and also how the shoot went with her.   So, here goes……

 Things I believe:

  • EVERY woman is beautiful

  • A compelling image is not dependant on a woman’s form, rather it is dependant on her heart and mind

  • Sensuality speaks louder than sexuality in images

  • Nudity is NOT a requirement to capture a sensuous moment

  • Unless I am trying to get a creative image, a woman’s eyes will always be in focus.  I don’t care if the rest of her is a blur as long as I have truly captured her eyes.

  • Beyond the eyes, I feel a woman’s collarbones and neck, the small of her back and her pelvic bones are the most sensuous parts of her body.

I feel that so many women in today’s world have lost sight of their sensuality for many reasons.  The professional career woman who has blinders on as she breaks through the glass ceiling of success.  The soccer mom who has given everything she has to her children.  Or the empty nester who has given so long to so many and now is posed with the question……what’s next?  These are the women I am truly passionate about in shooting.  These are the women that I see a transformation occur as we shoot.  To see their faces as I capture that certain moment where she has reached to her core and pulled out what has been hidden for so long.  When she can feel her insides glow as she hears the click of the camera and when you see in her eyes as I share what I have captured.  How do we get to that point?  Communication, Trust and Respect.

As we shoot, we talk.  As we talk, we share.  As we share, we discover.  As we discover, we glow.  This is a process of the mind.  To have you reach inside for that sensuous nugget and to share that with me through your eyes.  I do not worry about posing, because if you try to pose someone, she will most times look fake or contrived.  Rather, I want you to concentrate on that feeling and share it with me solely through your eyes.  If you are able to do that, the body will flow into “your” position.  Like a waterfall, you cannot tell it where to fall, rather it falls as it will, depending on what is in its way.  My goal is to minimize the obstacles in your way and let your sensuality flow as it will.

I just got home from a photoshoot late today near North Bend, WA.  I shot with a single mother in her late 20’s who has never had a professional photoshoot.  She wanted to do this but as we talked before hand, she concentrated on what she didn’t like about herself.  My words to her were “we will focus on what you like and downplay what you don’t”  We finished a two hour shoot and she was ecstatic!  She could not believe where her mind went during the shoot and was astounded at the images we captured.  I can honestly say that she gave me a true gift during this shoot, an awakening that I was privileged to capture and honored to witness.

I look forward to shooting with Joy on Monday (tomorrow) and will follow this message up with another on my impressions of the shoot.

All the best,


A Moment In Time Photography


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  1. Ruby says:

    The Universe seems to have a knack for bringing together the right fit of people! I am so glad you found each other for this endeavor….very beautiful!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes it does! Thank ruby!

  2. jeffstroud says:


    What a surprise to read this blog this morning! I am sure you are in for a wondrous photo shoot with Bob, even though I know you already are in-touch with your sensual side, as well as your soul… I which I could be there to assist…
    Bob, thank you so much for sharing your approach to making a person feel comfortable having their portraits taken, and they are more then portraits, they are works of art to capture a moment, and not only the moment but the essence of your subject.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thanks for your support to both Bob and myself, Jeff…The funny thing is…sometimes I struggle to let go…actually, I don’t think I have yet been able to truly let go in front of the camera since my modelling days in my teens…in your teens, you are invinsible…I hope that today, I am able to lose myself in the moment!!!

      Bob: JEff is also a wonderful photographer, you can view his photo blog here: Jeff Stroud

    2. Tantrachick says:

      Just heading out the door…lots to share later tonight or tomorrow about today’s shoot! wow!

  3. Thank you for sharing these truly, fascinating perspectives. I am 42. years of age. The reason I mention my age is that I only now, realized the nature of sensuous time. Again, thank you for sharing these insights in your wise words and beautiful image.

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