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Well, my shoot with Bob was interestingly enough a part of my healing journey…I was planning on just shooting in the woods behind my house, but Mountain suggested that Cama Beach here on our little island, would provide a much better terrain…so I ventured into the wild with Bob…this may sound like nothing to you, but for me, it was a real test and stretched my comfort zone…

Luckily, Bob is a simply wonderful man with a beautiful wife and family. He is professional and caring…a true gentleman. Although it was a surprise to me…I found myself lacking presence…I was in a world of my own…not focused on the shoot, but more focused on an internal dialogue…

What did I learn about myself? Beyond the fact that I still don’t like shooting in the cold, I realized that the shyness of my youth is triggered during photo shoots…especially when there is dialogue…I think that, for some people, dialogue may help them come out of my shell, but for me, it does the opposite…I find it causes me to retreat…

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to have a professional photo session…I highly recommend it! The key is to work with someone you feel comfortable with…First thing I would do is decide whether you prefer working with someone of the opposite sex or the same sex. For many, this might not even come into consideration, but for some, it might make a huge difference in the comfort level during the shoot…

I also suggest that you decide whether or not you enjoy being the main focus (I personally don’t), if you want to capture posed or spontaneous shots (I like the spontaneous ones best), and what you feel comfortable wearing for a shoot…maybe it’s a conservative outfit, a funky outfit, or maybe you’d like to unleash your inner sex pot by wearing something more revealing…so far I have found it challenging to take off my outer layers…but I am working on it!

I think the bottom line is…it’s supposed to be fun, so make the best of it and let your hair down a little!


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  1. Missed Out says:

    It’s fascinating and a privilege to have been there in the beginning when you were torn between posting an image of yourself at all or remaining invisible, to now, where you are slowly but surely sharing your temple of a body with us bit by bit. I admire your courage.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you MO…it is such an intense process for so many personal reasons…things beyond what I have been able to share in written words as of yet, but I am also working on opening in that area as well…Thank you for seeing the me beneath…I share with such openness in my writing because I am in my comfort zone and more than that, it’s as if I step into a certain almost trance-like state and words flow from me..I do a simple edit without allowing myself to pay too much attention to what i have written and then I automatically hit the publish button…I don’t go back..and re-read what I have written unless it is necessary…at first it was terrifying…now I am pretty comfortable with my public transperency…right now, at the beginning of my photographic journey, it is terrifying…I can only hope I will let my guard down, especially as I continue to work with the same photographers and truly capture whatever it is that we are supposed to express…which I think still remains to be ‘seen’ – no pun intended:-)

  2. jeffstroud says:


    It seems you have found a comfortable space to be in with yourself and your image being photographed. I am not sure it is a comfortable situation for most people, when they are the focus of the shoot.
    I think the wood and the beach are your natural settings, even though you are a well rounded woman. Healing, Wife, Mother, and Joy!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hi Jeff,

      You might be surprised…Bob captured over 1200 images! So many of them almost have an fu look about them…the shoot went something like this…I am guarded, then notice a beautiful leaf and it captures my attention long enough for bob to take an un-guarded photo…then bob says…my your eyes are captivating..I glance in Bob’s direction and then looking back through the photos you can see this seriously intense and unfriendly look in my eyes…compliments have always been a challenge for me…seems like this is most true at this stage while I am being photographed…

      At some point, bob asked if I wanted him to continue talking and guiding and i said no, it’s not really working for me, or something of the sort…I think it was more luck and skill than anything that he captured any unguarded moments…I am working on it though and found it surprising that, at one point, when I walked into the woods by myself…I actually felt tears calling my name, but did not give in…maybe if I had, things would have flowed more easily…this is much harder for me than these few photos let on…trust me! Thanks again Jeff, for your sincere and compassionate not to mention incredibly supportive comments and feedback!

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