Behind the Scenes: Tantric Massage Shoot!


Well, I went to bed last night planning on going straight to sleep, but my yoni had a slightly different plan! My lover and I made the most passionate love for over an hour…which allowed me to fall into a deep sleep…I did find myself briefly contemplating Bob’s shoot and words…which brought me to thinking about the extreme difference between both the Stolen Moments and the Moment In Time shoot and today’s shoot….

Today’s shoot is not a modelling session…it is intended to visually capture a true Tantra session! The only other similar media I have is my Taste of Tantra massage video…a photo is so much more expressive in comparison to video…I am so excited!!!!!! In preparing for today, I packed up my silver suitcase with wheels to make transporting everything easier…

I have my massage table loaded, my basket of goodies (dried fruit, fruit smoothies, nuts and of course chocolate) all loaded up and ready to share with the models and photographer…I also have an abundance of water so that we’ll all stay hydrated…

The two women I have coming today are so different..not only in physical experience, but in personality and backgrounds…while one has always been interested in both massage and tantra, but has not yet had the opporunity to explore Tantra…the other has deeply immersed herself in Tantra for sometime…

This is where I am totally in my element…not posing for the camera…no…being the facilitator for another being…guiding them to a place within where anything is possible…as I said, I am so excited, but really…it’s time for my shower…oh speaking of shower…when I said that being photographed in my towel with my hair wet would be a sensuous shot…I didn’t mean that it would be sensual because of my attire…no…you see, it is the moment when I emerge from the shower…into the steamy bathroom and then sit in my cozy house while all is quiet, sipping my tea in silence…that I am truly relaxed…which is most definitely one of the most important ingredients in capturing a sensuous moment-being truly relaxed!

Well, that’s all she wrote…seriously this time! Gotta go! From my heart to yours, Joy

A Moment In Time

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  1. jeffstroud says:


    I meant to tell you I really like this photo for it captures some thing, and essence of you, even through you are blurred by the Depth of field but this is the nature of you…

    and you are correct if you had had a photographer there as you emerged from showering the contemplative mood would have been there…

    I find this journey of yours very enlightening! Thank you!

    Yes I think being a teacher, and massager is who you are deeply…

    1. Tantrachick says:

      lol..i like you rlast statement…actually made me laugh out loud! Thank you…mushrooms mean a lot to me, as my husband is a wild mushroom harvester…we almost always have a series of spore prints on te go and often eat wild harvest mushrooms…I was attracted to the moss on that particular log and then was so pleased to see those tiny beauties! I could not get over how soft, tiny and incredibly beautiful they were! thanks so much for your on-going support and feedback!!!!!!

      From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    I just wish I could have been one of those lucky women!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Oh my gosh…it was an intensely beautiful experience…I cannot wait to share more with you..both about the experience, some of the video footage, the behind the scenes shots and the photos once they are done! I wish you could have been as well…Sweet dreams, Joy

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