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I receive words of encouragement from Bhairav Nath, one of the Tantrachick subscribers via email almost daily…..he would like me to share his words with you…

About Bhairav:

“Bhairav Nath is an IT professional based in India, who frequently travels to Silicon Valley, US. Bhairav is an avid student of Tantra, Yoga and Eastern wisdom traditions. Bhairav is an admirer of Joy Nelson and Shaktara, for the role Joy has played in transforming the Western community
consciousness to a blissful way of life.”

Note from Joy: Although I strive to be positive in all moments, regardless of what I face, there have been times along this journey that I honestly lost track of why I was doing what I do…sharing not only intimate details about my life, but opening myself to potential criticism (although surprisingly enough, I haven’t received any negative feedback as of yet)…and allowing the entire world to access my thoughts, feelings and share my Tantric journey..

Sometimes this path is not easy…when you occasionally have someone ask you something completely ridiculous and deeply disrespectful….like the photographer who asked me if I’d like to do a bukkake scene..I mean really? Or other days when I receive short and direct emails…”Can we get together for some good times?” You know you’re not understanding even a sliver of who I truly am or what my purpose is, if you think this kind of email would get a positive response from me (even if I were single and did not have children)…

Although I understand fully, that, because I put myself out there, I am bound to get emails like this and I suppose requests like the one from the photographer… it doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally feel targeted and have moments where I get discouraged…I am human…so, when someone such as Bhairav, Nature Girl, Jeff, Ruby Slippers, Anita, MO and many of my other readers and contributors…take the time to comment, provide feedback, or remind me with their supportive words why I volunteer so much time for this most important path…it provides me with a much needed burst of energy!

Bhairav is considering writing for Tantrachick or possibly creating his own blog dedicated to the art and craft of Tantra…His understanding of the spiritual aspects and the history of Tantra is incredible….

Bhairav would like to share this with you: 

“I will write about many legends, who help our society to liberate
and ascend…..who help human consciousness to realise its free and
sacred nature….and one of the luminaries on this tantric path ….I will
write about is a woman called Joy Nelson…..

And What I will write about Joy….

The challenges that she has undergone in her teens and early youthful
days….how she transmuted every adversity as great opportunity to
blossom her personality into a fiercely
positive, luminous, joyful, compassionate being…….her writing is
filled with compassion and care…not an iota of hate or negativity….

My point will be how important are the works of people like Joy to
humanity…how it helps the re-engineering of our social psyche and
societal orientations to sensitive issues like
sexuality, love, passion, bliss…..and how efficient are these works to
help individuals attain a blissful life-style……

I look forward to receiving guidance from goddess Joy, on this mission…..”

I am humbled by Bhairav’s sentiment and expression of my work…it is beyond what I imagine my work or writing provides for others…but his sentiment is so sweet.

Bhairav and other contributors continue to support me…and lift me up with your sharing, your wonderful writing and sincere encouragement….

To each and every one of you who have commented, thus creating community, provided feedback, giving me opportunities for growth and transformation, shared your path, which provides the rest of our virtual community the great honour of getting to know you and providing each of us with not only inspiration, but an opportunity to learn from your experiences…THANK YOU! From my heart to yours, you truly make this all possible, I could not do it without you…Joy

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    “,,, her personality into a fiercely positive, luminous, joyful, compassionate being”
    A more perfect choice of words would be hard to imagine!

  2. Missed Out says:

    Sounds like you have a candidate for your next video.

  3. Anita says:

    I am touched by Bhairav’s words above. I would like to be added to his blog when he begins sharing more of his understanding of Tantra and its contribution to our ascension process. There is much love here; thank you Joy for putting yourself out there. It gives all of us the courage to continue to put ourselves out there too, each in our own unique way. Anita

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thanks for finding your voice, Anita in the words of k.d. Lang, “How inseparable life itself is from the voice. Your sexuality, your honesty, your spirituality, your physicality, your health. Everything is intrinsically linked to the voice.
      As always, I appreciate your contribution to community…I think that, for the moment, Bhairav is going to post his writing on Tantrachick….and work towards having his own blog…He will see you rcomment…

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