La Figa Video: Sensual Living…Visions of Food and Form


Quote from La Figa site: “Take one minute and fifteen seconds out of your busy day to check out Food Becomes Art, an introduction to Tiberio and La Figa, put together by our friends at a local television production studio. Seriously, this video is amazing”

I am supporting and promoting La Figa’s project not just because it’s creative and awesome, but also because I am inspired to support my fellow sensual livers and lovers…Tiberio is most definitely a sensual liver and I imagine a sensual lover!

Food Becomes Art from La Figa Project on Vimeo.

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  1. qnefertiti2 says:

    This is such an elegant way of sharing passion and love of all things sensual; being of the senses, all of them!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Tiberio and I have so much more in common than i would have thought at a glance..actually getting to meet him in person was incredible. His vision is well formed and crystal clear….having an animated and uninhibited conversation with both him and his lover, was inspiring and gave me clarity. When youa re directly asked with deep, soul penetrating eye contact “what is the purpose of Tantrachick.” It is amazing how illuminating being asked such a simple question can be…I am now focusing on producing my Tantric massage videos…because I know that, while I am able to verbally express my vision, my approach and my message…video will speak it much more clearly…

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