Merry Christmas!


Wow, we just finished setting up the family trampoline..the boys are off in the woods shooting their bb guns, our daughter is creating a fashionista outfit on her sewing machine, the youngest two are bouncing their bodies into a state of trampoline trance, my lover is playing his new guitar and experimenting with the amp for his older acoustic/electric guitar…for me…

I am cherishing the thoughtfulness of our children, the loving connection with my man loving my new beautiful Goddess pendant and the beautiful gifts our kids made for me…We are also sending positive energy to all beings…across the globe…and wishing for a peaceful existence. I also feel so blessed to be a property owner, which happened just before Christmas…our 3 acres of pristine Oregon forest…backing onto 2.3 million acres of National Forest!!!! I dream of a retreat…a sacred space for couples to embark on a beautiful path to sensual awakening…

May your days be filled with sensual beauty and laughter that takes hold and transforms you…

I love you all! From my heart to yours, in a state of internal and external bliss..Joy

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