Painting: In the Trepidarium


Joy in the style of “In the Trepidarium” by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema. This is a painting created with technology, by Jack Crockett – Truemark Photography. I drove all the way to Bremerton to sit for this shoot…it was not only liberating, but incredibly interesting as well! I loved watching Jack create the set…and learned a lot about photography and tech-oriented artistic expression…this photo is available for sale on Jack’s site and in the future, he will be offering it as a painting…Joy blushes:-) I didn’t get a chance to shoot with Tommy Edwards yet, but am looking forward o being painted with food by Tiberio in the next couple of weeks! If nothing else, life is most definitely interesting!

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  1. khorn98985 says:

    Beautifully done you guys. Thanks for sharing

      1. bob. says:

        A beautiful classic photo,Joy.

      2. Tantrachick says:

        Thanks Bob.

  2. bob. says:


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