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  1. Tantrachick says:

    I suppose, considering the general nature of this blog, that I should clarify that she is fully clothed…I used a natural pigment for the ‘paint’…I am so in love with body painting…The idea for this photo came after an intense day of finger painting…as with all of the Nelson clan, the free spirits within can take things far over the top sometimes…After our daughter covered herself completely in paint, she hid in the bushes, painting them….she is an artist at heart….I contemplated whether or not to bring my children in any level into this blog…but they are already a part of me, so they are a part of the beauty in Tantrachick….

    Sweet dreams all! From my heat to yours, Joy

  2. bob. says:

    Looks like some one from Lord of the flies ,the movie,i mean it in a good way.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Excellent point! Hadn’t thought of that before…

  3. Kurt Horn says:

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I started reading. Maybe something very artistic with flowers or something. Then I got to the picture and read your comment and just had to laugh. It is so like a child to do something like that and it is beautiful. My own daughter has done similar things. All I would be thinking of is what a mess it would make, all they are thinking of is how much fun it is. Thanks for sharing and giving us a moment to relive our own childhoods. Lovely.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I am always reliving my childhood in a good way, so I am glad I could provider a moment like that for you, Kurt…our daughter in the photo is a fashion designer and artist…art has always been a part of her life….she is one of the main reasons we originally began home schooling…to provide our children with an opportunity to think outside the box and enhance their inner talents and gifts…so far, it has been successful…

  4. should have been you instead.

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