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Taste of Tantra Session

A ‘taste of Tantra’ phone session is not about healing or working through blocks. This session is catered to individuals who on a day-to-day basis feel comfortable with both their emotional and sexual health and well-being, yet desire a deeper connection to and understanding of Tantra.

We will focus on learning specific Tantra techniques to be used with yourself and/or your lover. It is generally easier to complete this session via Skype, so that I can illustrate specific Tantra techniques and share a deeper connection through soul gazing, but this session can also be completed over the phone. For more information or to book your Taste of Tantra Session, please visit my website: Lotus Root Tantra 

From my heart to yours,


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  1. Tantrachick says:

    To request a session, please visit my site:
    From my heart to yours in sensual community, Joy

  2. John says:

    Your website does not seem to be working.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Sorry, i should actually direct my old domain to my new one: which is a work in progress….thank you for mentioning this!

  3. Vivek Sethia says:

    Hi – Are you still doing skype sessions. The website or the contact form doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Not sure when you sent this, but I am still doing Skype sessions, but only with truly dedicated individuals who understand that Skype sessions with me are non-sexual in nature. My site is working:

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