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Well…I must admit, I live an interesting life! today I stepped into my car at 10:34 am, set my chai tea in my cup holder, turned the music up loud and began my journey to meet Tiberio and Matt, the geniuses behind La Figa…a vision of food and form!

As I was cruising down the highway, I found myself in a meditative state. Before I knew it, I was approaching Tiberio’s street…I turned onto his road as instructed, but couldn’t remember the house number. I pulled over so I could look at my directions, but became distracted by a sculpture in someone’s yard…I actually thought to myself…wouldn’t if be funny if that was Tiberio’s house..of course, you all know by now that it was his home! What a beautiful, inviting and inspirational home this lovely man has created for himself!

From the moment you walk through Tiberio’s door, you feel the essence of life…beauty, loving energy and the influences of life’s sustenance…FOOD!  Tiberio has beautiful pieces of sensual art, jars of glorious herbs, spices and various cooking ingredients, plants, and a variety of artistic creations decorating his lovely home. At first, when I met Tiberio, I found myself not paying much attention.

That is honestly my way. Because of the deep, loving affection I share with my lover, Mountain, I tend to not pay a huge amount of attention the the men I encounter along this sensual journey. However, I was lucky enough to meet Tiberio’s ‘very own personal lover’….who has an adorable loving connection with the man behind La Figa. His lover and I shared an inspiring and admittedly deep connection that was evident very quickly.

As I began to learn more about this beautiful creature, I found myself taking more notice of Tiberio…There must be something quite special about him if this lovely goddess adores him…I allowed myself to drop my own perception, listen to her description of Tiberio and was able to catch a glimpse of the man she loves. Through the eyes of his lover. He is strong, ruggedly handsome, passionate and deeply inspired by the basic elements of life…food and touch. He is sensual and open in a way that is refreshing….He cooked a beautiful brunch filled with delicious food, engaging conversation and the excitement something more to come…after brunch, he served his lover and I mimosas an hand-crafted chili chocolates…my gosh! So delicious and decadent!

We brainstormed about our up coming shoot…then, in a very calm and directive manner, Tiberio asked me to disrobe and take the position for our shoot next week so that he can make sure his vision matches my body, skin colour and amount of pubic hair….hmph! I looked into the eyes of his glorious goddess and asked if it would make her uncomfortable. She said it absolutely would not, but would I prefer she leave…I asked her to please stay…it was my preference…As I disrobed, I saw her watching me…she asked if it was okay for her to ‘check me out’…I said it was fine, I do not see nudity as sexual, just an aspect of life…she agreed whole heartedly…

While I sat in my pose, they both made various comments and agreed on a couple of design arrangements. After a few more moments of engaging conversation, I put my clothes back on and prepared to go home…As I went to leave, Tiberio’s lover (I honestly never caught her name) walked towards me and, with the confidence of a long time friend, hugged me. It was not just a nice to meet you hug…we shared a moment….she stepped into my space bubble and placed her entire body next to mine…it was so refreshing to be in the presence of a confident woman who embraces her sexuality with an elegant expression from within. One of the things I love most about my work is making deep connections with people in such a short period of time…it is simply divine…Well folks, that’s all she wrote…from my heart to yours, Joy

Copyright La Figa 2012

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  1. bob. says:

    You already are a masterpiece joy ,.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Why thank you kind sir! You are so sweet!

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