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Normally I don’t post about external events. However, if you sign up for the Ultimate Tantra Summit, we will entertain you, share our ideas about Tantra with you and possibly even provide you with some intellectual arousal…hmmm…maybe I should do this more often:-)

But seriously, each year I receive hundreds of questions about Tantra. So I thought to myself, why not provide you with an opportunity to learn about Tantra from a variety of  incredible Tantra practitioners from all walks of life.

Thanks to Farhana, Alan and the Ultimate Tantra Summit experts, you can now gain a basic understanding of the often elusive art of Tantra!

Check it out and let us demystify Tantra for you! Sign up for FREE to listen to Experts sharing Tantra secrets.

Audio interviews are available for FREE from 20 JAN for you to listen, in the privacy of your home,
all you have to do is register!
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From my our hearts to yours, Joy Nelson &
The Ultimate Tantra Summit Team –  Alan & Farhana


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  1. bob. says:

    Hi Joy!I joined ! Thank you .

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