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There are currently a lot of articles and conversations about Tantra being featured on social media sites, blogs and websites. This is the basic debate…what is Tantra? Who has the right to call themselves a Tantra practitioner? If you are a Tantra practitioner, are you simply a Neo-Tantra practitioner, or do you dig deeper into the world of Traditional Tantra? Basically, if you practice Tantra in either your personal or professional life and speak about it (especially publicly on say a blog or something) you better be ready to defend yourself. Somebody may not feel that you have enough credibility or authenticity to practice Tantra…

As for my own path, I have been learning about Tantra in my personal life for over 20 years…in my professional life for several years. I am not an erotic masseuse, a sacred intimate or a sex worker. I am a passionate woman who cares deeply about people and happens to have gained some invaluable skills along my own Tantric path. I enjoy sharing my ideas, my thoughts and yes, gasp! my teachings! What are my credentials? Beyond my professional education and my insatiable appetite for knowledge…I am a daughter, sister, mother, lover, wife, and a truly empowered spirit.

I am in touch with my wrath, which  I connect with my male side and my unconditionally loving spirit, which  I connect with my feminine side. I have 6 children living in my home. Four of them I gave birth to…two of them are the natural children of another woman. I love each of the children in my home equally, regardless of their status, or whether or not they inhabited my womb. Am I a Tantrika, Tantric practitioner, or just a chick with some knowledge and skills? Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter to me.

What I am feeling most recently is that this whole debate is so hung up on semantics that we have lost the essence and the beauty of the message. As a monogamous woman who practices Tantra with her lover, I am on the path of the house holder…If my relationship were all about the Tantric sex, my lover and I wouldn’t have weathered even the first series of emotional storms we faced…Together, we have overcome being from different countries. We have each accepted and embraced the other’s children as though they were born from our own bodies…

We have weathered baggage from external abuse, the loss of loved ones; to suicide, alcohol abuse and tragic accidents that left us wondering whether there was a God and if so, how he/she could be so very cruel. We have in fact faced potential homelessness, illness, family hardship that rocked both of our worlds..and yet, here we stand in the middle of the chaos making love like we just met….with a spark that cannot be dampened. That is the basis for the message that I want to perpetuate…the message is this: it is possible…

Today I was asked by a Facebook connection whether or not there was any community where one can learn about Tantra and the related teachings for free…I was able to direct him to this very blog. Not because I am an authority on Tantra…but because I do have something valid to share. So, I will reflect further on my use of the word “Tantra” for it seems to me that Tantra is tangled up in judgment ad lost in translation…..I often think of Mountain and I as  ‘sacred lovers’…so for now, this is what I will personally identify with…my path as a sacred lover and liver…

From my heart to yours, I apologize if this is more intense than you’re used to, but we all have our moments:-)

ps: I realize the photo has nothing to do with this post, I just really liked the message:-)

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  1. erik says:

    wonderful…humbling…so much strength in your unabashed vulnerability…showing us all…that true vulnerability is true courage and strength…thought provoking…powerfully woven prose depicting a delicious sweetness of heart, loins, trials and inspiration….thank you for sharing your heart with the Universe…we are all connected…mass is an illusion…energy resonates in an improbablistic wave…splashing into reality when we look at it…your energy reaches out to hearts needing love…you are precious…

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I am speechless, Erik…thank you!

  2. Like your blog here. I agree with you. I’ve had it with all the debate about what Tantra is, and who is “qualified” to teach it. It is my opinion that many times those who have not had the least bit of actual training in this lifetime can actually be more skilled than those who have. I believe that we all know everything already, even though we don’t always know that we know. There are those among us who are sacred sexuality “experts”, but most of their knowledge and skill comes from past lives. If someone has something to share, I don’t care whether they got it from this life or a past life or both. Does anyone say about a child prodigy musician, ‘well, they haven’t had formal training so what they do isn’t really valid’?!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      This is one of the most amazing and well spoken comments I have read on this entire topic….I think where I find myself feeling frustrated is when someone not only judges someone else’s work, but also judges what term someone should or should not use in their own bedroom…Thank you so much for your thoughts!

  3. bob. says:

    Being open & willing to learn new things!That is how i came to be ,well , reading a site like this ,i never thought the twist & turns in my life would lead me down the path it has taken,but it has & i am great full .People listen to the media & read newspapers & go on line & take what politicians & religious experts say to heart,they don,t shit & it is all lies.Do your research,follow your heart& ask those that know & always be willing to learn .Thank you Tantrachick.Great article.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thanks Bob! Yes, follow my heart!

  4. heartfulembrace says:

    Indubitably! If we stop
    at the words,
    we never get to the essence.
    And each path is unique in
    its essence.
    With compassion ((♥))

    PS: You can always refer your FB connection to my blog — another “unsanctioned” take on how tantric energies infuse life — regardless of labels. Namaste.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, Tantra, passion, sex, connection, heart energy, sexual energy….maybe if we drop the word Tantra, it becomes easier? More positive…less judged…but then what is it? Because we function in a world where we express ourselves verbally..so there has to be a way to express without feeling attacked…and for those who feel the need to be a part of something that is more traditional, to feel that their craft is not less than or more than, just different…I understand the core need..it is not what is spoken or the need that i find offensive, it is how it is spoken that creates the negativity and division…

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