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Well, I have now attended 3 Tantric massage photo shoots and 2 Tantric massage video shoots. Through a process of error and trial, I now have a vision for how I want my full Tantric massage video to unfold….I picture a glorious temple with my beautiful Shakti…allowing the process to unfold naturally…not time to rush, bathing ritual, soul gazing, heart connection, full body Tantric massage and then connection time…allowing Shakti to express ho the massage made her feel and what she learned about herself…and Tantric touch.

I arrived in downtown Seattle yesterday with one minute to spare! As a total country gal, I never really know exactly how much time to leave myself. Somehow, my intuition guides me an each time, I manage to arrive exactly one minute before my appointment…Matt Freedman was so gracious. He took a variety of pictures that I wanted for my book on Tantric massage and patiently sat on the couch with his lover while we worked our video magic.

My videographer, a 22 year-old film student had never attended a nude shoot before. I must admit, it was quite obvious at times:-) My model, Shakti and I (name omitted for anonymity) are developing an incredibly deep bond for two chicks who have only worked together twice.  I simply love working with this beautiful gal. Our biggest issue was trying to keep straight faces during the photo shoot….we found ourselves erupting into uncontrollable laughter many times…It is so much fun! I am totally hooked!

As soon as i have some video footage and photos, i will share some with you! I hope you are having an incredible day in your little piece of paradise. Sorry to be a nag, but if you haven’t check out the Tantra Summit, you are seriously missing out! It’s free and deliciously entertaining…not to mention educational in a sexy way! From my heart to yours, in sensual community, Joy

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  1. bob. says:

    The summit has been very interesting ,fun ,educational & very exciting!!,i have listened to a good part of all the sessions & have come away learning some thing from each one ,i am embarrassed to say i am new at this ( the learning of tantra) and not familiar with a lot of the terms ,so this summit has been very educational for me.I thank you Joy so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this.You are the goddess.

  2. William says:

    I am currently building a tantric massage website in Auckland NZ and I have appreciated you sharing your experience with Tantric Massage.

    Your provide some great research in formation that I can use, but NOT copy.

    I was going to get some videos done for the site, if you are going to put yours on youtube I would share that on my site.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your site

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you William, some of my videos are already on my Youtube channel. Good luck: youtube channel Tantrachick…

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