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This fellow, “MC” contacted me recently and asked me if I was be interested in interviewing him about his practice. I unintentionally put him off for a month or so, but he was diligent and reminded me of his request. I took a quick glance at his blog and decided to give it a go. I wasn’t sure if I would share on the bog or not, as I wanted it to be clear that I am in no way personally endorsing his offerings. I don’t know him on either a personal or professional level. However, i though that you all might be interested in reading his answers to my interview questions. to give you a bit of background, he advertises on various sites about his free Tantric massage services. From what I read, I believe he mainly massages females, but also sometimes works with couples. I did not add a link to his blog, because I am not comfortable endorsing a practitioner I am not familiar with….Without further adieu, here is MCs interview (I did not edit or alter it in any way). 

Joy: What is Tantra?
MC: Tantra is an ancient way of living life, living in transcendent interconnection with the infinite. It goes back to different eastern spiritual traditions and seems to have been shared by distinct religious persuasions. This I think illustrates how it integrates what we tend to keep apart. Here in 21st century North America, the integration we tend to hear and talk about most in Tantra–probably because we need it the most–is the coming together of the erotic and the spiritual. One of the great paradigm shifts we are experiencing in our compartmentalized society is experiencing lovemaking as an intimate ritual. “Sacred sexuality” is not in itself “Tantra,” but that is a door we can take to enter within it. And that is what my particular practice is about sharing with others and what I write about in my blog.
Joy: How did you learn about Tantra?
MC: It was 2003, and I was traveling in another city. I was looking at ads online for sensual massage. Two or three of them were very different from the usual rub and tug type that I was very familiar with. They totally lacked the “let’s do something naughty” look and feel you see most of the time. Nor was it a pseudo-“legit” massage ad with a suggestively dressed woman leaving you wondering does she or doesn’t she. These were lovely women speaking frankly about sex, but in a way that was spiritual, thoughtful, uplifting, even therapeutic. Instantly, I wanted to know more. The first woman I contacted was out of town, though I did return at a later date and she became one of my mentoresses (The “Celine” in one of my posts). I saw a second woman, who has since become a friend and occasional lover. She was my first introduction to Tantra. I’d had good “hand jobs,” mediocre “hand jobs,” and bad “hand jobs.” She gave me my first true lingam massage–along with time, attention, focus, insight, teaching, and the understanding that we were participating together in a beautiful and life-affirming interaction. It was supremely erotic, but in no way tawdry, dirty, kinky, naughty, illicit or shame- or guilt-producing. It was a revelation. And I was “hooked.” LOL. No not “hooked,” but convinced, converted, even committed to pursuing this amazing “new” way of living.
Joy: Where did you receive your training?
I’ve had a small succession of mentoresses. Some for a relatively short time. One for two-and-a-half years. Three major ones. Four or five minor ones, people from whom I’ve learned either significant technique or significant insights. I would like to attend a training school–I have a few possibilities in mind–and I think I definitely will before I even consider presenting myself as a professional.
MC: How would you define Tantra?
Well, first of all, Tantra is so vast and so profound and my own grasp of it no inadequate that I would fail if I attempted to define it. To define means to set boundaries to, and once you try this with Tantra, it eludes your boundaries. It involves rituals and enlightenment that help us transcend our mundane existence, integrate our fractured identities and connect with the infinite. Then, of course, there are the full-body orgasms.
Joy: How does one incorporate Tantra into their life?
MC: Freeing up energy that we have confined to areas of our bodies and parts of our identies leads to intensional, integrated, and aware living. For example, the powerful sexual drive many of us keep imprisoned in our genitalia can flow freely throughout our bodies and intermingle with our intellectual and emotive facilities. We can then look at life in all these ways at once. I think the result is increased delight in life, connection with others, and intensified pleasure in general.
Joy: Are you a “Tantra guru”?
 Ha! Hardly. I’m a learner of this amazing thing called Tantra, and I explore what I am learning with others, and learning in the process.
Joy: Why do you offer free Tantra massage to total strangers?
MC: There are a lot of parts to that question. I provide Tantra massages because I love performing them and I want to grow and improve in my ability to give to others what I have received myself. I do want to establish a professional practice some day, but only after having sufficient experience and understanding. I’m not ready to put up a shingle at this time. So I’m not in a position where I feel it is appropriate to charge for services. I’ve got nothing against it, certainly, but that’s not where I am yet. Another reason for not charging, at least here and at least now, is that in my area, Tantric practice for remuneration runs afoul of the legalities. Tantric practice for free is just enjoyable activity between consenting adults. Why strangers? Ha. Started out on my friends. Then some friends of friends. Started looking for new friends, who are by definition strangers before they become friends. That was when I started placing ads for my services. So, yes, I meet people for the first time, when I encounter them for Tantra, as you do, I suppose. Some have gone on to be ongoing relationships, others just for that one time. That’s pretty much to be expected, I think.
Joy: Are you just a guy who wants to rub ladies, or is there more to it than the sexual/sensual aspect? If so, what?
MC: Not just a guy who wants to rub ladies… LOL. Do I like “rubbing ladies”? Uh huh. But I think I need to say something about your question. The “sexual/sensual” aspect. I tend not to think of it in terms of “aspect,” because part of what I’ve learned, and want to pass on–as a really revolutionary change–is that the way I’d compartmentalized my life was extremely unhealthy. Boxes. I had a box for sex and I kept it well apart from other parts of my life. With Tantra I’m learning more and more to integrate “aspects” of my life–and I know I have a long way to go with this. But the sacred, the intellectual, the social, the therapeutic–they all interconnect beautifully with the sexual and sensual–and all these are enhanced by this interaction. Not the least of these is the way the sexual and sensual transcend the really sad an mundane level so many of us experience them on. Sharing Tantra with other is, yes, an intense pleasure, but I introduce other people to intense pleasure, in a way that can integrate the aspects of their own being and the various boxes of their life. It’s all in process for me, and for a few other people I help get that process started.
Do you use protective gloves to ensure the safety of the women and men who receive massage from you?
MC: I don’t wear gloves when giving a massage. I don’t find that to be standard practice at all. I have seen a lady who put on gloves to massage my cock. It definitely disrupts any connection. I do wear condoms on my fingers when performing a lingam massage or when performing an anal massage for either men or women. If we go on to engage in further intimacies I always use condoms.
Joy: How do you deal with any emotions that may come up during massage?
MC: I’ve had that happen with me, when I’m being massaged, but not yet so much when I am giving a massage. The keys, I think, are to establish rapport and a level of trust with the whole interaction. Depending on what surfaces, the person may need space, may need to talk, may need to discontinue the massage. But releasing emotions that have been sequestered in one of our little compartments. In a chakra that has been locked down, for example, is one of the health-enhancing benefits of Tantra. I want that part to integrate with the person’s whole being. That may not happen then and there, but it is healthy whenever something trapped gets released, and my hope is I’ve given them some insights into how it can be done.
Joy: Why do you conceal your true identity?
MC: That’s a good question. I have a “day job.” And friends and relations who are not quite on the same page with me. When I do take the plunge, when the time is right, to establish a professional practice, this kind of anonymity won’t be possible.
Joy: Are you familiar with the The Woman With a One Track Mind blog?
MC: I wasn’t, but I am now that I’ve googled her. The Girl with the One Track Mind. I admit this gives some serious stuff to think about. I have to admit, that one of the things I think about is treating her to a Tantric massage.
Joy: The author of that blog wrote anonymously for 3 years before she was outed. She says being outed nearly ruined her life. Are you concerned that the greater public may one day discover your identity?
MC: I do prefer to be in control of that process, yes. One of the things I’m learning–slowly–is openness. A number of people know of my involvement with Tantra at this point, and this is many, many more than previously knew about my sexual life–when was pretty much zero. People who know me, I mean.
Joy: How can a woman contacting you for such an intimate service ensure her physical and emotional safety?
MC: In the first place I assure it by commitment to being at all times respecful and respectable. I make a point of communicating in such a way that this comes across clearly. That includes making verbal assurances as we interact by e-mail. My promise is to quit and leave any time I’m requested to, whether that is the moment I arrive or anytime during the session. With no attitude. There’s no use trying to do Tantra when the person is not comfortable. Not at ease. I aim at helping the person be totally relaxed as well as being open and integrated in their being–as well as being supremely aroused. It’s rare that I see someone without a lot of preliminary communication before. Initially by email, but also by phone, and then I’m always happy to meet with them in person at a safe, neutral location. None of this is fool-proof, but it does tend to allow time for red flags to pop up, on either side. I don’t mind some nervous anticipation, which can enhance enjoyment to a degree, but if she, or he, is really anxious, it isn’t going to work.
Joy: Is there anything you would like me to know about you or your unique obsession?
MC: Have I mentioned finding your writing arousing and your beautiful pictures enlightening. That also happens the other way around. Do you really think I have an “obsession” that is unique? I hope I can experience your Tantric touch for myself one of these days. Can you guess that I’d also like to treat you to one of my Tantric massages?

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    Thanks for posting this joy, it gives food for thought! I can’t say that I would jump at the chance to have this person give me a massage that culminated in a yoni massage as well, but then is that being prejudiced?
    I’ve mentioned before that I can’t be certain how comfortable I would be relieving such an intimate massage from a guy, I would always have this nagging doubt that he is satisfying his own urges as much as delivering what should be a wonderful experience to the subject.
    His responses during your interview suggest an unhealthy preoccupation with the “pleasure” aspects of tantra……

    1. Tantrachick says:

      You’e welcome….I was just recently asked if I had any individuals within my circle who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a healer…there seems to be a serious issue with therapeutic abuse at the moment. I found the timing interesting. I don’t think MC has any negative intentions towards the omen and men who receive his touch. However, I think it is important for people practicing in the realm of sacred sexuality to realize that, sometimes “clients” may feel obligated or put pressure on themselves to allow something like yoni massage, or sexual contact because they are not familiar with the process…the may even feel “into it” during the process, but there could potentially be a point where, if there was a more professional boundary and comfort level set, they may verbalize that they would like the “massage” to stop…..Even the most empowered man or woman can feel this type of pressure, especially in a setting where professional and personal boundaries, sexual and sacred boundaries are all weaving together….

      That is a good point about the focus on pleasure. I was focused on other aspects of the process…Providing a series of yoni and lingam massages to a variety of individuals without protective gloves, although potentially more intimate, also put both he giver and receiver at risk for giving and/or contracting stds…people tend to not realize that stds can and are transmitted through this sort of contact. The challenge with this specific approach is that there is possibly a perceived professionalism, yet it is unclear whether or not the giver, MC, has done enough professional research and training to ensure the health and wellness of the receivers.

      There is another man I read about who offers gynecological exams with the full get up….he literally has a mobile doctor’s office an costume. He advertises and then goes around to give highly sexual “doctor’s visits” where there is most often intercourse. He does wear gloves during the “procedures” and he claims that he always uses protection during intercourse with his “patients”. The main difference is that what he is offering is completely clear. He is, in essence, a male escort who happens to give away his “services”. When one is receiving a “Tantric massage’, there are as many variations and approaches as there are practitioners. While some people may be expecting a yoni or lingam massage, some may be expecting a therapeutic, relaxing massage similar to lomi lomi….this is what concerns me…is that the specifics are not clarified, which leaves things wide open and can potentially create both confusion and then subsequent pressure to perform, or give in to something no truly desired.

  2. Tantrachick says:

    I didn’t address MC’s request to both receive and give me a Tantric massage. I am currently only practicing Tantra with a select group of established clients.

    As for receiving Tantric massage, I only accept this sacred gift from my partner, lover and husband, but thank you for your offer. Also, I appreciate you kind and complimentary comments bout my writing and photos…thank you from my hart to yours, Joy

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