The Guy's Guide to Multiple Orgasms…


Joy sighs…..I originally began writing this book at least six months ago. The original outline flowed from my brain with little effort. Unfortunately, what I was left wit was simply the shell of a book, nothing more. I sent it out as is to about 10 different people, hoping to find some burst of inspiration to finish it. That is precisely what I happened. Most people, likely thinking my book was an unfinished idea, more than a book….didn’t respond. Fortunately, a few people did. They provided feedback and encouraged me to finish.

Because i had never written a book (other than my children’s books) I found the idea daunting. I found myself floundering, not really understanding what the process is supposed to look like. That is when I realize that I definitely needed an editor. I found one. She is incredible. From her feedback, i realized the following: I mad assumptions that other people shared the same knowledge base I was working from, I didn’t always complete my ideas, I needed to improve transition and flow, ideas were often abandoned when I felt overwhelmed and that I had not bothered to back up my own thoughts and opinions with research or statistics.

The first process nearly mad me cry. It was incredibly daunting, overwhelming and almost made me cry. However, instead of giving in o self pity, I chose to force myself to go forward. I did. Yesterday, after hours upon hours of writing, researching, revising, writing, researching, revising,.. ….you get the picture….I submitted my final rough draft to my editor for review. I was bracing myself, expecting her to say something like :nice start, but now it’s time for the real work…” Joy takes another sigh of relief….My editor, Amy Scott from Nomad Editorial Services, approved my rough draft! She has started copy editing…

There is still more work to be done, but the end is insight and quite honestly, I am feeling incredibly proud of myself for seeing this through! No matter the success of my book, I finished it! It is a good feeling. I am about to start my next book! This is an exciting time for me….I am truly enjoying the process…..Thank you to those of you who have supported me along this journey! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. bob. says:

    I think it is so amazing that u have taken the plunge into this ,joy,not just this venture but all the other passions in your life .I am still learning to do this myself ,at this age (51) it is hard for me ,but i like u have been encouraged by some special people,as i told u about my lady friend, always refer to her as my lady friend) but she is just that we r not commited to each other ,but she has helped me in not just sensual ,but other ways as well to not be afraid to ask or tell what u want in life & not to be afraid to go for it!I t is stilla work in progress ,but i am getting there & it is fun.Congratulations on your book.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thanks so much Bob! You are such a wonderful support! I just got back from a 3 hour session. I chose a yurt in the woods for the session setting…It was such a beautiful drive home! I haven’t been taking hardly any clients, but I must admit, it was really nice to provide loving support….

  2. Ron says:

    I think the need for educational awareness and health is huge.

    R.A. K.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I fully agree…At first, the guide started out as a mini project…a simple compilation of various techniques I have learned and taught others to use. Then, the project expanded….and it began to turn into an actual guide. As things progressed, and I began adding important info, it expanded again…This is the final table of contents:
      Why This book?
      Case Study Craig P.
      The Success Fomula
      Deep Sexy Chill Out
      Inspiration: Joyous Meditation
      The Masculinity Conundrum
      Case Study: Harold N
      Traditional Masculinity
      Masculine Sexual Energy
      Cultivate Your Sexual Energy
      Know Your Body
      Male Sexual Awareness
      Case Study: Perineum and Male Pleasure
      Embracing Your Manhood
      Inspiration: The Beauty of the Male Form
      Flex for Life
      Breathe Dammit, Breathe
      The Elusive Male G-Spot
      Controlling Your Sex Response
      Mind over All
      Case Study: Mountain and Joy Nelson
      The Art of Sexual Peaking
      The Path to Multiple Orgasms
      Case Study: The minute Man
      Case Study: Joy Nelson
      Conclusion: The Bottom Line

      I hope to have the final draft complete and ready to be published by March 1st. Thanks so much for participating! I sincerely appreciate your comment! From my heart to yours, Joy

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