The Adventures of Tantrachick: Comic by Joy

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Sorry i have been less attentive to the blog…Between finishing up my book and creating my little comic book: The Adventures of Tantrachick…as well as having a few sessions this week, things have been wonderfully busy! The idea for this little comic book about Tantra inspired bodywork came from my creative daughter, Eden…she has been writing a Menga comic book and in passing, mentioned that she thought a “Tantrachick” comic would be kinda cool…I wasn’t sure what it would turn out like, or what i would use it for, but my first draft is complete! Any Tantrachick subscribers who would like to have a copy, please email me: and I’ll make sure you get one. It is a PDF dowload….

I was lucky enough to start my morning with an intense love-making session with Mountain…mmmm…I hope you are also having an incredibly sensual Sunday! From my heart to yours, Joy

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