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Happy Valentine's day!
Happy Valentine's day! (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

I have been inspired once again to go on a juice fast. Just as my interest in Tantra was introduced to me by my step father, Moe, fasting was also introduced to me by Moe. My step dad is an incredible man. He and I have had many ups and downs in our relationship…during my teen years, we honestly had many more downs than ups. However, with some work and more open communication, he has become an important person in my life. I only see him once every 2-5 years and we don’t talk often, possibly once every few months, but he often manages to find a way to help me see clearly. Today was one of those days. I called him up for some day 2 juice fast advice. I am suffering from an intense headache and feel like crap. I was considering caving, but Moe reminded me that the more intense the cleanse, the more intense the symptoms.

Although I eat a fairly well-rounded diet with lot of whole foods, I still have my vices. I also have a tendency to not eat before 1 or 2 in the afternoon…I know, I know, according to many health experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, not for me. coffee is the most important meal in the morning for me:-) So, Moe gave me a pep talk and got me back on track. I hopped in the shower, gulped down two large room temperature glasses of water, followed with a mint tea and now I am preparing my lover’s nest for Valentine’s day. Ah shit! I completely forgot that Mountain is taking me out for Thai tomorrow! Oh well, we’ll just have to re-schedule and do something non-food oriented:-)

My plan for the day looks like this…tidy my room, throw a few loads of laundry on, place a few new lotus candles here and there in our room, and generally create a lovely environment for loving connection. I also plan to do some yoga and take our new dog on a walk. We adopted a 1.5 year old black lab named Sky. He is intended to be the main responsibility of our almost 14-year-old son, Sid. It is what he wanted for his birthday…he specifically requested that we not get him a puppy and he wanted to give a dog who had no family a home and love. I can’t believe how smooth it’s going with Sky, the new addition to our family. He is sweet, gentle and has just enough energy to keep our kids busy!

The high point of my day today was when I walked into the kitchen with that dreadful overwhelming feeling…my response to the pile of dishes from breakfast and lunch. With this big of a crew, things get messy pretty freakin’ fast…it is a LOT of work! As I sat down at the breakfast bar to assess the situation and develop a game plan, our 12-year-old son, Cedar, walked in and said “Hey mom, I’m saving all my money, which means I can’t buy you a present for Valentine’s day.” He continued, “So I was thinking I’d just clean the house for you and dad. Sound good?” YES!!!! Cedar is cleaning the kitchen, Ary is painting me a picture, Sid is walking his dog, Christian is keeping Sid company. Katrina just called to say she loves me, Alexis is travelling through Cuba with her aunt and our 15-year-old daughter, Eden is baby sitting a nine month old, 3-year-old, 5 year old AND and 8-year-old. I love free willed, yet fully empowered and well-rounded kids! I am incredibly blessed!

Tonight, I will cook a wonderful meal filled with a rainbow of vegetables, which i won’t eat, but will feel happy just knowing my family is enjoying a delicious meal. The family will sit down, say our little blessing, enjoy good food and good conversation and then, after dinner…is when the fun really begins! I hope you’re having a glorious day! I will try to write something steamy for Valentine’s Day! From my heart to yours, Joy

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