My Newest Obsession? PaRKoUR


MoVe YoUr BoDy!

English: Pole dance
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Creative movement is an integral part of my life. I practiced yoga from the time I was just a tot…I went through a weight lifting stage in my teens and early twenties…then took up the art of just being one with nature…dance has always been an important part of my daily life….then there’s horseback riding…the art of Poi, pole dancing, belly dancing and of course swimming. But my newest interest is Parkour…it is hard to describe, so here’s a video put together by some of the top Parkour artists/athletes. As for the definition of Parkour….According to Survivor Magazine, Parkour is “A dynamic, fluid method of travel across rocky or obstacle ridden terrain. This method of travel is used to efficiently overcome any obstacle by adapting movements to the environment. Practiced and perfected by the french military this technique relies on momentum and speed.”

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  1. bob. says:

    My goodness! what cant u do? its great that u do all these amazing things .You do inspire me.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you, but I’m really just a gal!

      1. Julian Arancia says:

        Just a gal who can do a lot of impressive things! Wow.

        This is quite interesting, I’ve never heard of it. I will look into it, particularly as I find it an interesting point that it was “[p]racticed and perfected by the french military”.

      2. Tantrachick says:

        🙂 I only discovered Parkour this summer. My kids are honestly much better at it than I. At the moment, we are lucky enough to live across the road from a huge children’s park called “Freedom Park”. If is an excellent place to practice this incredible form of art! I love flipping upside down on the monkey bars, balancing on the fence post tops and leaping from a swing when it’s not quite at it’s highest point, but still well up in the air! You have to work up to it though! Definitely takes some serious practice!

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