Joy's Book: The Guy's Guide to Multiple Orgasms…Now Available!


Hey guys,

Writing, editing and formatting a book was one of the most challenging and also rewarding processes I have completed….The editing aspect of writing a book was definitely one of my least favorite parts. It is grueling work. The book is now available on Kindle: The Guy’s Guide to Multiple Orgasms by Joy Nelson


As an advocate for pleasure, I have included a wealth of knowledge in my concise guide. If you are interested in checking out the book, that’s fantastic! I would love to get some support from my community. The intention of the book is simply to share the skills and knowledge that I have gained through working with men during my years as an intimacy coach. If you purchase a copy of my book, you also gain access to my “pleasure forum” where men who are learning more and working on the techniques into their sex life can ask questions, talk about the process and get my support.

I sold 4 copies in the first ten minutes that the book was live and haven’t yet checked my sales report yet this morning…two of the people who purchased my book sent me emails this morning. They bot gave me permission to share their thoughts:

Christian L. (20 years old)…”Joy, I hate to admit it, but I didn’t know anything that was in the book. It was easy to understand and I think it’s pretty awesome. I learned a lot, thanks.”

John P. (56 years old) “Thanks. I asked for guidance and received it. Can’t wait to try the techniques. Well done!”

If you show your support by purchasing my book, please let me know so that I can send you a thank you card. I am feeling nervous and excited all at once! Mountain told me this: “Your success is in seeing this through. No matter how many or how few copies you actually sell, you are already successful. You did it!” So sweet….but  must admit…I want to sell lots of books:-) lol! I hope to see an active forum, receive emails of support and receive Just Ask Joy questions about the techniques….If you click on the link to the book…the first three chapters are available to read…

I hope you are having an incredibly sensual day…I also hope you enjoy segment one of my interview with Destin! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. sacha says:

    When can I get a hardcopy? I don’t have Kindle.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Here is a link to a free Kindle app computer, iphone, etc. Also, you can purchase a PDF copy of the book at

      Thanks for your desire to read my book! I don’t think I will have printed copies available for quite some time.

      From my heart to yours, Joy

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