Walk With Me….Into the Realms of Bliss


Let’s meet in the outback…I’ll be wearing the red dress with the black sandals…As I walk towards you, you’ll feel as if my sexual energy is penetrating the very core of your being. Sometimes it literally swirls and dances around me. Today is one of those days. As the sun beats down on your skin, give in to it…feel the warmth as it creates a gentle glow within. As we begin our journey, I’ll take your hand. You’ll let me guide you, won’t you? I realize it takes a great deal of trust…and I honor your bravery and your faith in me..

As we pass the waterfall, you’ll know we are almost there. As the world around you melts away, we’ll find ourselves immersed in the now. Immersed in moments of freedom, lost in ecstasy…riding the waves of bliss. Even if you’ve never been here before…you’ll know precisely what to do…because we’ve all been here before. The moment when you feel the warmth at the very core of your being is when you will know…your body will somehow remember this moment…as if it were just yesterday. As if you’ve been in this space a thousand times before. As your energy begins to rise, ripples of ravishing bliss tear through your body…breaking through the bonds that tie you to shame, guilt, pain, and suffering….You will scream out



And you will hear me scream…”WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!”

A feeling of insecurity may arise at this moment…you may feel shy, timid even. You will look to me for comfort, but I have gone..VANISHED! You begin frantically searching for me. It is then that you realize I was never there…there was no guide, no external force..for it was you all along. Your beauty radiates…the chains that bind you fall from your body..the emotional shackles tangled in your mind are released. Because you are FREE! Say it with me…I AM FREE! So you see yourself, so you become….FREE!

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  1. John O says:


    In deepest gratitude, my friend!


  2. bob. says:

    Wow! Joy,i trust you.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you, Bob…

  3. lilly says:

    Wow! Beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      thank you:-)

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