Ecotantra: Keep It Simple Stupid!

wall of respect
wall of respect (Photo credit: Dystopos)

Sorry for the mildly negative and intensely judgmental title, but I wanted to get your attention:-) I just completed my second interview with Farhana and Alan, who have now conducted both the Ultimate Tantra Summit and the Ecosex Summit.  During my interview, Farhana and Alan brought up an interesting point. They mentioned that some of the listeners didn’t think it was necessarily feasible for them to incorporate Tantra or “Ecosex” into their lives. It is common knowledge that, in general, we live in a society where people are low on time and high on stress. With this in mind, trying to learn about Tantra, Ecosex and other holistic lifestyle choices can be overwhelming for the average person.

When we become overwhelmed, we have a tendency to shut off and tune out. As my regular readers know…I am seriously passionate about my work, which incorporates Tantric philosophy and Permaculture principles. The last thing I want to do is promote a path that feels unrealistic. So, I have decided to promote 3 simple steps that you can take TODAY..3 simple steps that ANYONE who has a few moments a day to spare can incorporate into their self care routine. Here goes…

Step One: Breathe.

Step two: Love.

Step three: Respect.

To expand a little (only a little, I promise)…

BREATHE: Find a window, or step outside and look to the sky. I don’t care whether it’s pouring rain, or radiant with sunshine….Look to the sky and take 3 (or more) conscious breaths. Feel your breath as it flows into your body and feel your tension as it dissipates.

LOVE: Place your hand on your heart while you breathe and feel love. That’s it, just feel love. Love towards yourself, your current partner (if you have one) and love for our ultimate mother, the earth.

RESPECT: While looking at the sky, taking three breaths with your hand on your heart, simply contemplate the respect you have for yourself, for the earth… its vital ecosystems and all living beings who inhabit it.

If you want to move beyond this simple daily practice, that’s wonderful! However, if you are short on time and can’t imagine doing more than this tiny routine…it is a start. Even thought it might sound insignificant, it is not. You may be pleasantly surprised by the many ways this routine might influence your life.

Possibly, the deep breath will give you that extra bit of energy you need….possibly, placing your hand on your heart and focusing on loving energy will help you navigate your day with a renewed sense of selflove…possibly, taking time to focus on respecting yourself, the earth and all beings will help you keep a positive frame of mind. Who knows…maybe, just maybe, after incorporating this routine into your life…things will shift for you and you will feel a desire to explore on a deeper level. That’s all she wrote..From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. lantanagurl says:

    Hey, great article! We share the same passions…sacred sexuality & permaculture:)

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you! Nice to hear your voice! From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. bob. says:

    It is your advice i will take to heart ,Joy.Thank you.

  3. Ruby says:

    This is just perfect Joy….and very “do-able” Thank you fro this wonderful advice!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      You’re welcome!

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