Love Yourself as You Are!

Judd, as YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, speaks a...
Judd, as YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, speaks at an event in South Africa (January 2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week Miss Ruby Slippers sent me an article on pussy bleach…I also received an email from a young man asking me if I thought that the veins on his penis might repel women. Let’s break this down…there is a company promoting a product that a) contains a well-known carcinogen b) is meant for a woman’s most sensitive body part; her vagina! Nice.

On another note, a young man is wondering whether or not any potential future lovers (he is a virgin) might feel grossed out by the veins on his cock! In addition, not only is he feeling insecure, he labeled the subject of his email with one word: UGLY.

That’s the word that is bouncing around in my all too active brain….UGLY…the fact that some high and mighty corporation hired a bunch of “professionals” to sit around a table and come up with a carcinogenic pussy product – one that alters the naturally occurring skin pigments of a woman’s vagina – makes me want to scream out loud and bark at the moon….the fact that some young man thinks his dick is not slick just because he has naturally occurring veins….simply means that what our society has been doing to young women…is now also being done to young men!

By the time we’re done with our fun, loving youth…young ladies will be adding an extra stitch or two down below to make sure they’re tight enough, bleaching their vaginas all the while shaving themselves to maintain that “youthful look”…the young men will be surgically enlarging their cocks, trimming their pubes to be hip, rather than shaving them completely (possibly too feminine?) and massaging a concoction of bleach and God knows what other nasty crap down below to make their cocks look palatable. Pun intended.

I know this post is intense, but I am TRULY ANGRY!…I  am feeling wrathful! It is time for us all to seriously stop the insanity! Crazy that “stop the insanity” is a weight loss product tag line! What does that say about us…I’ve no clue…but it sure ain’t good! What we have here…is a failure to communicate:-) Sorry, a failure to communicate the right messages to our youth…messages of hope, of love and of body love…mesages that support healthy body image and self-development….

I am a fairly slender woman with what I like to call “nostalgic itty, bitty titties”. I have few stretch marks, have all my teeth, no gray hairs to speak of and I have few blemishes. That’s the truth of the matter. There have been moments…moments where I was speaking up about body image and someone has emotionally slapped me in the face….a moment where a woman who didn’t think I should have anything to complain about decided to put me in my place.

In fact, I remember one time when I was sitting in a cafe…with a bunch of new acquaintances and they were all talking about body image issues. I had only spoken in depth to one woman out of the whole group, so the rest of them didn’t know I had already birthed 4 children and suffered 5 miscarriages….I commented in an attempt to add my two cents to the topic at hand…can’t remember what I said exactly, but what I will never forget is that one of the woman looked me square in the eyes and said “Boo frickin’ hoo! Wait ’til you have kids honey…then maybe we’ll give you the time of day!”

Funny thing is…I didn’t feel angry or pissed off…no, I felt sad. I felt an intense sadness rip through my entire being. As women, we are not only at war with our bodies…no, we are also at war each other! The article written by Ashley Judd this week…reinforces my line of thinking…in it, Ashley talks about the prevalence of women with misogynistic and ageist attitudes towards other women. She also commented about how disturbing it is that reputable newspapers and magazines regularly run stories that promote genderism and a variety of additional damaging attitudes directed towards females. Her article was well spoken and spot on. She nailed it on the head….but this discussion doesn’t stop with women….young men are also targets….

Although we are making progress…it is not happening nearly fast enough. At the pace we’re going, we’ll have young men and women living in outer space still wondering if their cunts and cocks are pretty enough…and don’t even get me started on the rest of their bodies, or their feelings of worthlessness…No wonder self-mutilation and a variety of other self loathing and harmful practices are taking root in our society. We are teaching our youth to not only hate themselves; we are also teaching them to hate each other!

So, where do we go from here? Well, there’s no simple answer, nor is there one “right answer” to this question. What needs to happen is better communication…between mental health, healing arts and spiritual practitioners…between parents and their kids…between authority figures in all areas of life (principals, teachers, professors, coaches, etc.). The first step, however is to love yourself as you are…not as you will be once you lose 10 or more pounds…not as you are once you get a nose job, penile implant or breast implants…I’m talking about loving every aspect of your body…as Miss Rosie Bitts would say, you gotta “learn to love your jiggly bits!” We must begin modeling self-love, respect and acceptance.

Say it with me…”I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM!” That’s all she wrote, folks, sweet dreams…from my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. montanawarrior2000 says:

    You are “spot on” about what the commercialism of the social mind is doing to our perspective (especially the youth, but it affects us all) of body and mind (spirit?) Although previous “value systems” had problems with inhibition and guilt I was raised ‘Catholic’), they also seemed to carry an important value that tends to be missing – respect. Self-respect and respect for others falls by the way of popular, or “pc” or “in.” Too bad we can’t teach “accceptance” of ourselves, our bodies, and of all of the people in life,
    Thanks for stepping out and taking a stand!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, I fully agree…self-respect and respect for others…important values that seem to be challenged by our current approach to life! Thank you for your comment! From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. Kevin says:

    This poor guy I totally understand the pressures incredible work!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, I also feel for him….thank you! From my heart to yours, Joy

  3. Alex says:

    My brother works out a lot so he’s fairly muscular, he’s got veins popping up all over his arms. So I would think veins on a penis is a good thing, it’s a sign of strength… Then again I’m not a doctor…

  4. Michelle says:

    a-fucking-men, sister

  5. Michelle says:

    and for the record, who would want to strip their rose of color? that’s part of it’s beautiful allure
    as for the penis veins: “ribbed for her pleasure”

  6. Michelle says:

    Reblogged this on ME and commented:
    This is such an important topic!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Isn’t it though?

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