Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ash Fork Sunset, Northern Arizona
Ash Fork Sunset, Northern Arizona (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Hey folks…hope all is well in your part of the world…I’m not sure there are words to accurately describe what I have been going through…what I have been feeling. As you know, we are camping for the month of April…things have shifted and we will now be leaving for our road trip next Tuesday.

We will be taking highway 2 through California! In fact, I picked Mountain (my lover, best friend and husband) on the side of the road in Ukiah, Cali….we will be passing by the very spot that we first met (that’s a story for another day:-)….We have found one beach side camping spot that we plan on visiting.

We will hopefully make our way to our Ash Fork, AZ retreat property within a week or two of our blast off date. I am excited, fearful, but more than anything, I feel the transition into bliss welling up inside of me.

This trip, this property and the next phase of life is something we have been dreaming about for many years. The message? Dreams happen! Each day is filled with intensely beautiful moments…The first day of our adventure, I found myself feeling fearful…so I took a siesta on our hammock in a field of flowers. I found myself lost in the vibrance…the color filled me…consumed me and I found my calm center.

I decided to make an afternoon siesta part of my daily routine. On the second day, I was staring into the sky and saw two glorious eagles flying directly at each other…their mating dance was brilliant! So fierce and beautiful…Since the first day, each day has been filled with marvelous moments that I may have missed were I not paying attention.

Once I found my inner calmness…it began to grow, shift and consume me. I feel centered and grounded. I feel connected to myself, the earth, my family and my lover….I must admit, I feel a bit disconnected from my blogging community and my other online connections…but this is my path.

I am hoping to get my camera fixed before we launch. There will be so many awesome moments to share. I am hoping to take pictures at Cougar Hot SPrings when we visit this time…My blog posts may come in waves….I have been writing in my diary and then using my hand written thoughts to fuel my blogging fire:-)

I am about to pick up supplies for our night-time pot luck by the fire…wish you could all join us! From my heart to yours, Joy


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  1. Theo Black says:

    I got to get out for a healthy day like this soon.

  2. Siannaphey says:

    Sounds amazing!! embrace every moment 🙂

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I am, thank you!

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