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My, my…so much has happened. I think I will start blogging in my journal and then type it out when I get to the library…which is currently my only source of connection with you lovely people!

I only have 5 minutes or so, but I’ll try to share as much as I can…First off, a day in the life of JOY: I rise with the sun, walk to the top of our ridge, take in the beauty of our very own valley and do the sun salutation…possibly step on a prickle or two, hopping around on one foot, trying to relieve the pain from my other foot:-)

Then it’s back to our homestead, where the morning fire is already blazing…the water is on…making coffee requires patience….light the fire, boil the water, pour slowly into a single filter and then enjoy…I am living 100% tech-free…off the grid with a variety of water storage containers that must be filled so that we can survive in this intensely beautiful, wild and rugged setting.

Last week we started building our first cob oven! The beginning stage was gathering large rocks for the foundation…we took them from the rocky portion of our ridge. They were hand picked, gathered in buckets and walked back to camp.

The next process was to fill multiple buckets with gravel, then lava rock, then sand…the building of the oven has been far more labor intensive than any of us imagined. We completed the first dome part of the cobbing yesterday!

The evenings are filled with cooking over the fire, singing, playing music and dancing in the light of the moon….We pretty much follow the natural cycles, going to bed shortly after the sun goes down and rising with the sun.

We have the most amazing view from our solar shower….pictures coming soon! Love to you all….

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    You are my inspiration! You let me know it can be done! Yay! 😉 Hugs and smiles!

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