Stress Relief Through Tantric Connection…

Lover (Photo credit: Squirmelia)

Not that things have been intensely stressful…but I find myself feeling rather tense during certain parts of the day…Hauling water, living off grid, raising 4 tiny puppies that someone else decided to abandon and dump in the garbage…you get the picture! There’s lots of change and tonnes of activity during the day…loads of work to do each day…mostly rewarding, but still! A gal’s gotta have fun!

So this morning, when I woke for the third puppy feeding…let the cats out, shot my 22 rifle into the air to run of a pack of coyotes (so they don;t eat my cats, puppies and bunnies:-)…I found myself laying awake staring at the ceiling…the sun was just a thought…she hadn’t fully started her day…I had a choice to make…lay there and think about the upcoming day, the past, or possibly some of the stresses I am facing (my mom is depressed again, I still don’t have a studio to practice from, you get the picture)…

Instead, I rolled towards my lover, stretched my hand out and began massaging his glorious lingam! His sexual energy rapidly brought his mind into awareness as he began massaging my breasts…what followed was a most beautiful love making session filled with passion. After we connected, I gradually made my way to the kitchen (which is an extension of our bedroom (one of the perks of tiny house living)…fired up the propane burner to start the water boiling for our morning mocha….

What a simple, yet charged way to start the day! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Steven says:

    Love your blog! But that’s the problem I sometimes myself masturbating over your writing as sometimes it incredibly turns me on! I know I must sound like a freak but I wanted to ask does it weird you out? And should I stop?

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Oh Steven…this is the least of my concerns…whatever you do in your personal life is fully up to you! Funny as it might sound to those familiar with the sensuous blogging world, I did not realize that people would “get off” on my words…I was just expressing…However, over time, I have had hundreds…possibly thousands of individuals and couples express their arousal in response to my writing…you are not alone…and one of the goals of my blog is to remind people that passion…sexual bliss and yes…pleasure is their birth right! Since I began writing the blog, I have also begun writing erotica….so it makes sense that my words are arousing:-) It is a talent that lay dormant within for the until the past couple of years…Thank you for sharing and please make your own decision…as your pleasure…and how you achieve arousal…is for you to decide! From my heart to yours, Joy

      1. Steven says:

        Your such an incredible writer and sexual I find you the most incredible arousing thank you for understanding! Even when you posted pictures I honestly found them so incredibly sexy, thank you for all your writing are you any good at erotica? Would love to read some

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