Who Woulda Thunk It


Hey folks,


Sorry it’s been so long! Things have been INTENSE! I just have a moment online to give a quick update…I am heading to Salt Spring to visit my sis…I will be online for a month or two while we are on SSI!!! I will be staying in a tipi…pics to come! I am excited to be back on “the rock!” and SOOO excited to see my sis…I am putting a call out to Miss Ruby…we should have tea while I’m in the area!!! From my heart to yours…have a sensuous day…Joy!


Day 1: Shy Eyes

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  1. Ruby says:

    That would be wonderful! I would be so happy to meet up with you and I haven’t been to SS in far too long.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      That is awesome! I’ll connect with you once I’m settled!

  2. Jeff Stroud says:

    Oh Good, I thought you where lost forever! Ha ha!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Not forever…just momentarily:-) Muwah!


    hey tantrachick! have a fantastic time and keep us posted.

    Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:01:18 +0000 To: makoshark707@hotmail.com

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