Let's Connect…


On the grid, but not much to say….this is all she wrote…from my heart to yours….from my lust to yours…sweet dreams….

Lay your hands on me…

Feel me…find me…merge with me…

Let’s connect…

Find the me within…

Discover my essence…

Let’s connect…

Dig your breath into me…

Into my soul…my body…my mind…my heart…

Cherish me….

Lust for me….with me…within me…

Make love to me…with me…

Fuck me. Fuck with me.

Rattle my mind…

Ravish my body…

Dig into me while I dig into you….

Lush. Ripe. Ready for the taking…

Let’s connect…

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  1. John O says:

    Blessings to you for your inspiration and for not letting up on your dream….


  2. Stevie says:

    I would if I could, and I can lush ripe….ready to bury my face

  3. Bob Gryszka says:

    Hi Joy! Would love to connect!

  4. Jim Reale says:

    Hi Joy, I hope all is well.Can we do another call soon?


    1. Tantrachick says:

      YES! I am on Salt Spring, but fully available….Send me and email with dates/times…joy@thepleasurea activist.com From my heart to yours, Joy

  5. heartfulembrace says:

    A call to deeper integration … Lovely.

  6. Sudhir says:

    we are one
    i know we are far but we are connected from energy and thought
    our Aim is one ..
    our way is one..
    your breath for me and my breath for you
    my energy for you and your energy for me
    we are one you know ….

    your are my body and i am your soul
    your are my hand and i am your energy
    your are my thought and i am your feeling
    you are for me and i am for you..

    here is only love love and love for you …

    your soul met 🙂

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Love this…thank you for sharing!

  7. Preston says:

    Well written with a lot of meaning! Love between females is fantastic and beautiful! I am new to this site and really love it! I am a mature male who has had marvelous experiences with gay females and there is nothing in this world that can rival them! Kind, caring, and wonderful!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you…I am not gay…the photo is from my blissful bodywork photo shoot…thank you for your beautiful comments.

  8. anil says:

    i am ready to connect any time in any way

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