Dance in the Chaos…

Bohemian by: Irena Jablonski

The past few months of my life, has been…hmmm…enriching in a chaotic kind of way. For those of you who aren’t familiar with where my life is at right now, I’ll provide an update…For my entire relationship with my husband, we have strived to own a large acreage to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. This year, we achieved our goal! We purchased a 63 acre ranch in the high desert of Northern Arizona.

Due to a number of strong synchronicities and signs, we made our way down to our Arizona paradise this spring. Things were…honestly…very tough, yet also incredibly simple. We lived off grid, hauled water, faced the interesting creatures lurking ( bullsnakes, rattlers, scorpions, taranchulas, etc.). For a bunch of West Coast Canucks, we fared pretty well…if I do say so myself:-)

We managed to build a cob oven, wood fired bath tub, cut our own wood, cooked over the fire and watched both the sunset and rise. We danced in the shadows of harvest moons, hiked the local National forests and explored the beauty of Northern Arizona (including Sedona, which is a place I always wanted to visit). As the intensity of the monsoon season began to calm…our own emotional storm was brewing…

My sixteen year old daughter told us that she did not see herself finishing the rest of her youth on our ranch…she wanted more…she was too isolated. Our fourteen year old son shared her sentiment and our twenty-one year old high-tailed it to his grandma’s home…It began to feel a little less magical with 50% of our kids expressing very clearly that this was not the life for them…

One thing about us as parents is that we respect our children’s core needs and, as home schoolers, are responsive to their need for a more enriching life…So, we made arrangements, packed up our many children and our many pets and I headed back to the “rock”…Salt Spring Island in BC. I arrive almost two weeks ago with the kids and pets, but Mountain stayed in Arizona to finish up some work and lock things down.

It is the best of times and the worst of times. I am grieving my dream….all the while embracing my amazing family (my sister and her family live on Salt Spring) and loving my community. Another synchronicity presented itself and we are finding ourselves house sitting in a beautiful space for the Thanksgiving weekend and then will be moving into a yurt on the back portion of my sister’s property…

I have always wanted to live in a yurt…careful what you ask for:-) Last Thursday…during song circle around the fire..I met a wise man…he reminded me of something that has been a vital part of my life…one of the ways I achieve daily bliss in the face of chaos. I must remember to DANCE IN THE CHAOS…I wanted to share this wisdom with you…possibly you are facing a transition…a time of deep healing, or something that feels insurmountable to you…

I implore you to Dance in the Chaos! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Ruby says:

    Difficult times require furious dancing! <3 Love to you and yours Joy as always! xoxo

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you Miss Ruby….Well spoken! Much love to you, Joy

  2. John O says:

    Deep grieving tears of recognition

    (… and the money, God (I love you)? WTF is the money?)

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Namaste John…from my heart to yours, Joy

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Joy , I hope you are still going to do phone sessions?I love our sessions.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I am just in the process of setting up a line for my business. I will have it this week….then I am all set!!! Yes, I alson enJOY:-) our sessions…From my heart to yours, Joy

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