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LAst night, I cleared house and set up my studio space! I am feeling so empowered! While in Arizona, my location made the idea of having a practice more of a long term goal…although I conducted a few phone sessions, I missed my in person practice. I found myself filled with passion…dancing around my studio getting things organized while finding my bliss.

I put out my ad on the Salt Spring Exchange and have received numerous session requests. I am feeling a deep level of acceptance and passion for my current path…I have a session this afternoon and am feeling blissful! It is such an amazing experience to be an integral part of the healing path of others…I am grateful. I am dancing in the bliss!

Muwah! May you find your rhythm and dance in the bliss also…From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Jerry Tyner says:


    Thanks for this post. When I read your post yesterday I was concerned because I knew how much you wanted to make things work in Arizona. As a matter of fact I was kind of looking forward to meeting you next year (we love Arizona and especially Sedona). But family does come first and I know your kids will love you a lot for sacrificing your dream for now for their happiness.

    You mentioned long distance sessions (sorry – BC is a little far for us to come from California). What do you charge for those? Would you be able to do a joint session with husband and wife and could you do Skype?

    Love and Light, my friend!! May the blessings of the Universe be ever with you, Mountain, and your children.

    BTW – I’m just starting your book. Erectile dysfunction is getting very nerve wracking for both of us. Thanks for the PDF version and we did make the investment in the Kindle version as well.


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    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Yes, my husband grieved our for now dreams quite severely, but he has adjusted and is now feeling incredibly positive. He arrives Thursday morning…he is not yet on Salt Spring.

      I just had a school meeting today and they signed my son up for the SEEK wilderness education option. My daughter is already thriving even more brilliantly…I know in my heart this was the right decision.

      As for your other question, yes I can do phone/Skype sessions for couples. I love couple’s sessions! I am pleased to hear you are reading my book! Thank you for supporting my work!

      I look forward to working with you! From my heart to yours, Joy

      byt the way, my most active email at the moment is saltspringmassage@yahoo.ca

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