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Yesterday I found myself contemplating my mission statement: “to promote healthy and joyous expression of sensual energy, deep intimacy with oneself and another, and an understanding of love and sex as a natural part of life. What I found myself wondering is this; what does healthy and joyous expression of sensual energy, deep intimacy with oneself and another look like? How do we, as a society incorporate sex into our lives in a natural way that radiates love?

I believe that, in my relationship with my longtime lover, best friend and husband, Mountain, we have found our own path…a path that radiates love, naturally incorporates sex and sensual expression into our everyday lives. The next question I asked myself is; how to promote this path. One of my blog readers, Bhairav Nath recently sent me a beautifully written email…This is a small part of the wonderful words of Bhairav:

“…your blogs spawned such a desire in me to seek the world of bliss…divine pleasure of sexual domain…as an Indian, I knew in my heart that sex is divine…and you inspired me to think that it is my birthright too…and your thoughts, writing and your canvas of life made me realise that sensual awakening and sexual energy are the greatest possibilities to transform my life…and make it an eternal celebration.”

After reading Bhairav’s message…I realized that one of the ways I promote sensual living, conscious loving, deep intimacy and pleasure that brings us to our knees; is through this very blog. It’s not that I hadn’t been aware of this on some level….but it hit me much harder after truly thinking about the power of words to create change. As my longtime readers know, I have been off grid and unplugged for many moons. It was something I needed. To truly dig deep and once again transform.

It is with this new-found purpose that I write for you. For all of you. I have many stories of bliss to share…for now, that’s all she wrote, but there shall be more to come! From my heart to yours, Joy

Joy Nelson: Contemplation

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  1. Jim Reale says:

    Hi Joy, I hope all is well. I have been trying to get a hold of you for another phone session. Are you still doing them?

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes. Sorry, my contact info has changed. I will email you. Because I am in Canada, my cell phone doesn’t work here:-( Also, on Salt Spring Island, there is little to no cell reception anyways. I should have my business line available as of this week, so possibly a session this weekend? Sorry for the inconvenience:-) From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. nice one joy 🙂 God Bless my Good Wishes always with you 🙂

    bhairav and bhairvi a symbol of tantra pleasure ..bhairav called for man and bharvi called for women… it is a divine person in tantra way..

    tantra is cosmic way to convert sexual energy to spiritual energy …and vigyan bhairav tantra is key of know the real meaning of tantra..

    your’s soul Sudhir

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