This is a follow up to yesterday’s blog post What do You Seek? …which is inspired by reading a couple of the responses/comments…

I may have worded the question a little off…I totally hear what you as the readers are expressing about living in the moment and finding happiness within each moment. This is something I think many of us strive for, however, I am also a believer in finding purpose and setting our intentions for our lives.

For instance…I currently have a couple of things going on in my life…the biggest is finding out that my mother has breast cancer and it has spread into on of her lymph nodes…What sparked her digging deeper and exploring what was going on with her health was that I have benign cysts caused by scar tissue from over 8 years of breastfeeding (I had a tendency to get both lactating and non-lactating mastitis during my nursing and post nursing years.

There have been some heavy things going on with my mother over the past couple of years, including her nearly starving herself to death during a very serious clinical depression episode…because she has always been such a solid and stable person in my life, her fall really knocked the wind out of me on an emotional level…

I was the person who realized how serious her emotional distress was…I flew back to Ontario and managed to help facilitate the hospital saving her life through some fairly extreme methods…her ability to learn from that experience and create change in her life…was not possible for her…

She simply continued on, despite my strong urges for her to find her own passion and make some lifestyle changes. This summer she dipped down into despair again…she has lived her life for others; not for herself. Always self-sacrificing. She rarely asks the question: “What do I seek?” She would be more likely to ask herself how she can serve her family, her husband, her employer, her community, etc.

So, at this stage in my life, beyond praying and meditating for my mother (in my own non-religious manner) and having faith in her strong, resilient spirit to overcome this health crisis…I am also working on self reflection. For those of you who are longtime readers of my blog, you have likely noticed I have not been actively writing….I think part of the block was obviously living off grid and not having access to the internet…but I now have a computer available to me and am still finding myself a little blocked…so please bear with me:-)

Let’s change the word seek to desire…what do you desire for yourself? Much love to all, from my heart to yours,


Namaste Copyright Tantrachick 2012

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  1. Preston says:

    Well written joy. And thanks so much for sharing. I wish your mom all the best!


    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thankyou Preston!

  2. Jim Reale says:

    Hi Joy, I hope your mother is doing better.


    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you Jim!

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