The Art of Self Pleasuring


As I step into the darkness of my little Mongolian yurt, I can’t help but stand in wonder. It is pitch black in here, minus the tiny glints of light peeking through the felts on the roof of this ingenious shelter. I use instinct and bravery to make my way to my Goddess altar where I keep my candles and lighter. I light a single candle and lose myself in the beauty of the flame…not much in this world rivals the magnificence of fire…earth…water and the magic of air.

I begin thinking of water, as the flame dances in my mind’s eye…without thought, I walk towards the tap in my little kitchen and immerse my hands in the water pouring from the tap. The feeling is incredible. I imagine the heat of candle, feel the breeze gently flowing through my breathing home and the water on my hands as I focus on my feet beneath me. I am connected to mother earth in all her glory.

I undo the straps on my dress and slide it from my body…it gently glides to the floor, though I catch my foot and nearly topple over:-) lol…hey, it’s like I always say “I move with elegance until I don’t and then I really don’t.” I recover my balance and stand nude, with anticipation moving through my cells. I love my body…my breasts that hang like a woman’s, my belly that has carried my beautiful children, my legs which carry me on this glorious earth, my feet, which ground me and my yoni, which is the center of all pleasure.

I bring my attention to the word yoni and all of its meaning…then I begin focusing on the word CUNT….cavern…I am lost in cunt….feeling, moving with, enjoying, being one with…my cunt. The word in my mind sounds delicious….not nasty, not like a curse word, no….I am reclaiming cunt, reclaiming my cunt! I move to my bed, diving into my blankets, pulling them up and over my body…I love the warmth of my body beneath covers…mmm….then my mind lets go and my body takes over…

If there’s one thing I fully grasp in this lifetime, it’s pleasure! Nothing evading there…pleasure is my birth right, your birth right, all human’s birth right…So that’s what I do, I pleasure myself over and over again. I feel a sense of light within. My body is pleasure, my mind is lost in pleasure, my spirit soars with pleasure, my heart opens with pleasure, my breath fuels the fire that is my pleasure….pleasure ripples through me, filling me…

That’s all she wrote, from my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Jim Reale says:

    Hi Joy, Are you still doing phone sessions?


  2. chase says:

    Very good writing.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you!

  3. Preston says:

    Hi joy! A well written piece about self gratification. Masturbation is wonderful especially when administered by a kind understanding partner who is well versed in such matters!

  4. bob says:

    Hi Joy! just got my power back on, & this is just what i needed to warm me up & take me away! Thank you.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Always a pleasure:-)

  5. naturegirl1 says:

    Phil has always maintained that one of the most beautiful and feminine things a woman can do is pleasure herself. He never tires of watching me masturbate, he says the way my fingers slip into the folds if flesh that are my labia is mesmerising, he loves to see me put my wet fingers to my mouth and taste my secretions (I’m comfortable with that…just as well), loves it when I part my labia and start to really work on my clitoris. Above all he loves to watch me climax.
    What you describe is probably one of the most wonderful, erotic and pleasurable things a woman is capable of that doesn’t involve risk or makes you put on weight!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I love your descriptive nature:-) Doesn’t involve risk or make youput on weight! lol! Oh the thoughts that go through our minds! Love you so much and so happy to hear your words again!

  6. horns1313 says:

    O I had to come back when there was time to read more of your writing as put so well go deep .don’t need anyone’s help at least for the next hour or so inspired passionately engrossed enjoying much more as I better shut up thanks for the sensual erotic and sexual edification wish I could say more.empowered and.

    1. Joy says:

      My pleasure!

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