New Blog: I am Married to Tantrachick…

Joy Nelson: Contemplation

Saltspring Island

LMAO…today, my lover, hubby and best friend (not to mention father to our beautiful babes)…told me he was starting a new blog….The title, of course you likely guessed: I am Married to Tantrachick. I just about spit out the gulp of coffee I had in my mouth. As I’m giggling away, he’s like no, I’m serious, I’m starting this blog. I couldn’t decide how I felt about his little joke. The thing to understand about Mountain…his sense of humour is sometimes so dry that you can’t figure out if he’s serious or not…

I suppose I hadn’t really put enough thought into how it might feel for Mountain…I am after all, the author of The Guy;s Guide to Multiple Orgasms, numerous erotic books and poems…I have a tendency to enjoy writing about our sex life AND I like blogging about sensual adventures I experience, which often have photos attached…hmmm….one of my clients recently said that my husband must be pretty special.

It’s true, he is a wonderfully loving father, husband and lover. He accepts me as I am, which is part of why I am able to fully be who I am. This topic got me thinking on a deeper level. I found myself wondering how many men and women in the world are in relationships with partners who do not support them in being their authentic selves.

During a conversation with one of my female “blissful bodywork” clients (totally relaxation based bodywork) mentioned that she visited my blog just out of curiosity. Being the author of Tantrachick, I have never been able to be a simple observer of my blog….so I asked her what it was like to visit my blog and what message she took from the posts she read. She said that she found my blog enjoyable because it was a celebration of my sexuality and myself as a sexual being!

Bingo! She totally gets it…I recently moved back to Salt Spring Island, BC. I LOVE Salt Spring Island…the open minded community here is just down right soul moving…but I found myself hesitating….felt myself wondering if it was safe to be my authentic self within this community. In the end, I realized that I have no choice; transparency is one of my core motives for writing this blog….and I love being transperent…by giving myself permission to allow my inner light to shine, I inadvertently inspire others to do the same. How beautiful is that?

That’s all she wrote, From my heart to yours, Joy